RIP Arafat

Ya, he kicked the bucket minutes ago <.<

So… does this mean tensions in the Extreme-Orient will worsen or get better ? =/

The poor fella suffered a brain hemorragy during his 3-4 day coma. What a terrible way to go ;.;

Actually its not a bad way to go; you’re not aware of your body falling apart.

Is this a good thing for the middle east? We can only hope. He’s been the source of a few problems as of late as shown with the problems his premiers have had.

Yes, but with no clear successor, there’s a good chance that the Palestinians will start fighting amongst themselves. I mean, Abbas didn’t really have much support (partly due to Arafat, I think).

I’m more worried about the political clout of Hezbollah, Hamas and Jihad.

So, he FINALLY died. I was wondering when this was going to happen. I hope that it helps the situation. At least he died of natural causes so it shouldn’t ignite immediate conflicts or raise external conflicts.

May he rest in peace, and may his passing help those still living.

Info: I’m sure there’ll be conspiracies.

Things will probably spiral downhill, as the Palestineans fight amongst themselves for power. Once only a few are left, Israel comes in and wipes them out. The rest of the Arab world is enraged, and attack Israel with nukes. Israel and its allies (including the US) retaliate. World War III begins. We all die. THE END.

Or more likely, it gives the Israelis five minutes of peace (which they deserve for all the shit they’ve been through).

I think that if there was a “Ghandi” in the middle east, we would have peace there. Arafat was not helping the situation. Not that Israel helped either. Though I really can’t tell them what to do since I don’t live there.

…either way, this won’t end well. >_>

I don’t think it’ll EVER end well down there, because they’re going to keep fighting until everyone has forgotten WHY they are fighting, and beyond.

These guys are still planning revenge on stuff that happened hundreds of years ago, It’s like they keep a list of “When and who pissed us off when we were little”.

Another day…another way to many to count deathes.

Israel has no interest in “wiping out the Arabs”. If that’s the extent of your understanding of the situation, that’s pretty sad. -_-
Frankly, I think this gives the Palestinians a second chance. It’s up to them who they appoint. If they get someone moderate who’s actually interested in making some sort of peace, Israel would definitely be happy to talk. But if they appoint another one of Arafat’s cronies, or another terrorist organization’s mouthpiece, with all the fiery jihad speech that they’ve been getting for the last ten years, we’re in for a very long haul again.


I feel kind of bad for the guy, so this isn’t my opinion, it just is based on the topic at hand so i thought i’d post it -

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