Rinoa/Ultimecia Theory, True?

Well, what do you guys think? Personally, I don’t believe it. But, I’m interested in your opinions.

Squaresoft isn’t that deep. If they actually made the storyline to be that way, they would’ve dropped 368 different subtle hints about it already.

I’ve never believed this theory, I just think that it is a loads of crap.

However I will admit that it is true that Rinoa’s sorceress powers, become Ultimecia, but the idea that she becomes her, is total crap.

And besides the only real evidence, I have ever heard people come up with is that the two look a like, which is just a concidence!!

I’ve heard it before (and I’ve got the whole dissertation on my computer with all the salient points) and I still think it’s complete balderdash made by people who have way too much time on their hands.

I think itz to weird to be true i agree squaresoft aint that deep:noway:

While it certainly shows it share of interesting points and possible connections I too, don’t buy completely into the theory. Pretty much for the same reason as most I saw…

Square + Deep = They’d have made it more obvious.

Then of course you have the other little thoughts like… if it was Rinoa… why the hell did she attack Squall in the first place… especially if she was trying to get time compression to get him back… at least… that’s a problem with 1 of the theories I’ve heard… it’s good for a laugh… something to think about when you’re literally bored off your butt… but not something you should write theory books about… lol

I support it. If nothing else, it gives Ultimecia a little more weight as a villain :slight_smile:

There was a big debate about it in another MB somewhere, and the evidence for the theory swayed me (can’t be bothered to go hunt it all down, though). I even wrote a fic about it. Final Fantasy is always full of conspiracy theories - they’re part of the fun ^^. And we all know that:

Laguna is Squall’s father

and yet that is only vaguely hinted at in conversations. Square can be subtle when it wants to. If you have your eyes peeled, quite a few things can be interpreted as evidence for Ultimecia being Rinoa.

i can’t really say i believe it but it is possible