I’ve had this ring in my ear since New Years (the music at the party must have done it). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone you guys (Sin?) knew how to get rid of it because 10 days of non-top rining is annoying the fuck out of me.

Go to a doctor. See if he can help you save some of your hearing.

Two words. Ear Drops.

How loud was the music and what kind of music was it? Did you hit your head or get an ear infection around that time? Ringing is a sign something’s up inside your inner ear and its usually not good. Didn’t you already have that from the injury you sustained training with your rifles with other marines?

Yeah, it is in that same ear that had problems from the Marines. I didn’t hit my head or have an ear infection. The music was various things, mostly dance music. It was pretty loud. It was near the top of what a PC can do. I’ve had the ringing before since I first had the problem (started in March/April 2003), but it hasn’t lasted this long before.

Nick, the ringing in your ear is called tinnitus. It happens as a result of noise pollution (Just hearing noises that are loud enough to cause problems, like construction work, loudass music, planes taking off and departing, etc. (Yes, these common things are all hazardous to your hearing). If your ears are dirty, you will probly have tinnitus more easily and more frequently. Go to the doctor and see if you can get your ears cleaned. That isn’t gross, and there’s no reason to be ashamed about it.

That would make sense. I was in a dirty place with loud noise when if irst started to have the problem. In the field you don’t many opportunities to shower or anything. You might find some time to shave and brush your teeth, but anymore becomes hard.

Yeah just get your ears cleaned by the doctor. I did it once, and big chunks of earwax the size of quarters came out of 'em. Then I ate them.

Heh, well sometimes not even thorough, proper cleaning can prevent the problem entirely. I’m not saying it doesn’t HELP, but going to get your ears cleaned on occassion by the doctor isn’t a bad thing. They use tools that you can’t just buy at a rite aid or something. :stuck_out_tongue: But in any case, go see the doctor. I bet you’ll be really happy with the results. :smiley: