Right Stuf ADV Sale

Anyone else checking this out? I’m trying to decide which DVDs to buy… it’s a hard decision!

Hmm? what’s this you speak of?

Holy crap, 25 purchased.

The only thing I know not to purchase is evangelion because I hate it so much. Suggestions?

Sister Princess. I want to see how many people you murder before the cops get to you.

Ahahahaha, yeah, international shipping pretty much kills this deal for me. Thanks for playing :frowning:

Shit. Our home computer crashed for like a week and I missed the start of the sale, so most of the stuff I wanted isn’t there anymore. Now I’m worried that I won’t be able to get vol 4 of Princess Tutu. It was sold out, but then it looked like someone cancelled and they had 1 copy. I doubt I’ll be the one to get it. I’m also still waiting for vol 2 - 4 of FUMOFFU, which have inexplicably been backordered for a month when I picked them up in the discontinued bargain bin.

Edit: Holy crap! I think I got Princess Tutu. I got the confirmation email almost immediately, and stock is back to sold out. I would be so happy.

The Sale!

Maybe Azumanga Daioh or Nadia?

See, I’m thinking about Chrono Crusade and Kino’s Journey, but then I’m not sure if I’d rather have thinpaks. However, the more recent ADV thinpaks don’t have features. I wanted FUMOFFU! even though I already have the collection, just for this reason… who knows now.
I’m so indecisive! Any other suggestions?

thank you nulani. Now to loot!

Definitely pick up Cromartie High School (cept the last volume isn’t there >:( ) if you like comedy at all. Same with Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu. I have to say it’s pretty damn funny series, and pretty much loosely related to the main series it branched from. Well, to anyone that might wonder…
Princess Tutu, I just recently watched that series on fansub and it is a pretty great show.

And http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/ might be a nice place to look up series’ info with some reviews on a series to help decide… also has an abundant amount of information to anything or anyone related to the anime… various DVD relases, staff involved, etc…

Also, anyone want to pick up the last volume of Elfen Lied if they have absolutely no idea what else to add because it was sold out at the time I made orders! >_> It would be a huge favor, at least, if no one is interested in that series whatsoever :confused:

edit: I will send fish

Chrono Crusade? Ugh. Worst heroine ever. Around episode 19, I started hoping she would die. And then she did. And her little demon friend, too. Hurrah! Serves her right for becoming a slave to the main villain.

Also, Princess Tutu has the most extra features I’ve ever seen on an anime.

fffffffffffff I shouldn’t read agora e-mails because they show spoilers