Riddle me this, riddle me that...

For people who’re bored, plain addicted to riddles or just want to brag about their smarts:
http://www.frvade.com/ ,
supposedly the hardest riddles on the internet (certainly takes long, too!). Dunno if this has been posted before. How far can you go? =D I’m already totally hooked to it. It’s more difficult than it looks at the beginning.

EDIT: It helps immensely to read the tips/hints stuff, it’s really short and will save you a lot of “WTFs”. n.n

I’m stuck on level two of frvade. -_-

Lol XD I’m stuck on level 14 in fravde. >O But I’m slowly getting the hang of this! It gets easier once you move on, because you slowly adapt to the way the riddles are made.