Is is true that they stomp fire out when they see it?

Mind you, I went into picking old movies to watch and I came across ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’. Pretty funny, and it featured a couple of scenes with a rhino playing the firesquad activist. Is it true that they do this?


Bears put out fires too!

You’ve seen it too?

I’ve seen that, and also the sequal. Well I think that it was a sequal anyway.

Amazing, the powers of a glass Coke bottle.

Amazing? It’s evil! I’m glad he got to throw it form the edge of the world!

No no. Bears prevent forest fires.

In Africa there be no bears. There be dragons only. And anacondas.

But seriously, I remember reading about how bears from a certain region, I think in Canada, fill their mouths with river water and then spit it on distant plants when these plants are dehydrated. That’s cool.

It’s not because the bear is nice, it’s because the plants emit an annoying sound when the wind hits them if they are dehydrated.

BTW, I saw it in a Disney Magazine about a decade ago. Can’t remember which one.

It had a sequal? What was it called?

‘The Gods Must Be Crazy 2’
No kidding.