Rhaka vs Pierson

Whose side are you on?


Rhaka has a different name since I was here before and I don’t know who he/she is, so I gotta say Pierson… except, I am curious as to what that fourth option is.

Let’s see what The 984’s got going for him. :wink:

Edit: Aaaaand now I see that there are already 75526522 votes for him after I make mine… thinking about it I should have seen it coming.

Rhaka = Tenchimaru Draconis
(Did I spell that right?)

Tenchimaru Draconis = RPGDragon

Oh god shut up repressed memories resurfacing.

Oh, is this like casting aside your old name and taking on a new one to signify a new life? I’ve done that.

Hilarious Fourth Option Involving The 984, of course.

The Weedhead.

In that case… umm, I guess Pierson, unless TD threatens me really badly in which case him unless Pierson threatens me… I think I’m screwed either way

My repressed memories make me want to burn houses.


lav <3

How about some The Varsity?

Have you cast aside your old name and taken on a new one to fight crime?

There was that one time in high school, so yeah, I guess.

Obviously Pierson.

Hilarious fifth option involving sex with weasels.

Nekkid Lesbian Catgirl Twins

Peirson hates me slightly less than Rhaka does, so Ill have to say Cless and his weasels

I’ll side with The 984, as Rhaka gave some a good speech about morality in my tickling anime thread, and yet has a weird purple hentai horse thing that looks like its trying to rape someone.

No dissing Cless, I just kinda like The 984.

Quoted for absolute truth.