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Had some free-time recently, gone through and fixed up the story, here’s the first two chapters and the prologue once again.
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Peldurol was the name his mother had given him, and what he chose to have his friends call him as well. He was no different than them, his friends. He had flowing brown hair, and no facial hair to speak of. His legs bent to the back, and were covered in a beautiful coat of fur. It was an array of brilliant hues of gold, brown and white. However beautiful they were, they were also a fearfully powerful force.
His hooves made loud cracking noises on the stone of the mountain path, but as he moved onto the thick forest ground, the sound changed from a hard noise to a soft padding on the pine needles and leaves. The sound was all-to-familiar to him. It was almost like a lullaby it was so rythmic.
Peldurol’s life seemed perfect. He had a beautiful wife. A child on the way, and many great friends. His pipes softly bounced against his side as he ran. They were made from the oldest tree in the forest. He found it lying there unburdened by life and cracked straight down the middle from a recent storm. He took it as a good omen, and carved a beautiful musical instrument from its sturdiest parts. He refused to kill anything, whether it be flora or fauna, for food or goods. He was a model pacifist, he only ate from animals that had died a natural death, only what he needed.
As he trekked his way back home, his life changed forever.
A bright streak tore across the sky towards the outer edge of the forest. His hovel was in the center of the forest, and not too far away. He dropped low to the ground and dug his hooves into the ground, spurring himself as fast as he possibly could towards his home, but he feared that it was already too late. The huge object had already made its final descent into the forest. The ground groaned under the impact of the huge object. The earthen paradise shook with such intensity that Peldurol feared he would tumble to the ground, but he continued on. The first few shockwaves began tearing their way through the green splendor.
Peldurol’s muscled hands flew up instinctively to his face to protect him from the flying debris, but were of no use. The beautiful creature’s bones cracked and splintered under the great force. His horns shattered and shards flew into the surrounding trees, burying deep within the trunks. He flew back from the shock, and barely landed on his feet.
Sadly, that was only the very first shockwave. The next two hit him with almost the same force, ripping his left shoulder to threads. Pain lanced throughout his body by now, as debris buried itself all along his body. The fourth wave of pressure barreled him over backwards, snapping his spine almost instantly. He had landed on a rock that was firmly dug into the ground, unfortunately for him.
As he lay there bleeding from hundreds of small cuts, his vision blurring, he began to think. Memories of his wife flooded into his mind. The night they had met, and the day they had married. That time she had nursed him back to health when he had been attacked by a rather strong bear, and the night they had consumated their love. The night his son had been concieved. He coughed, sending blood shooting from his mouth and onto his face and eyes. He closed his eyes…
He was tired.
‘I’ve worked hard today. All I need… is a little… rest…’
He closed his eyes for the last time. He never opened them again. Slowly, his breathing stopped, and his muscles, clenched in pain, went limp. His lips mouthed the name of his wife, and he passed on. So very long ago, he died.
Nothing survived that day. His wife’s life, and even his son’s, were cut violently short. Not even the behemoths of the planet survived the drastic changes such a landing caused. The sun was blocked for years on end by huge torrents of ash and dirt. Vegetation disappeared, and all life ceased. Eventually, the clouds parted, and life began anew.
Peldurol knew this all in the instant after he closed his eyes. He didn’t know why. He didn’t know how. He just new. He had become omniscient. He viewed the way his wife had died. It had been quick, painless. The side of her head had been dashed upon the side of their house, killing her instantly. His son’s followed shortly after, but, sadly, he wasn’t so lucky. His took longer, but like everyone else in the forest that day, he eventually died.
Peldurol wept for what felt like centuries. His tears filled his new existance. He wept through the rebirth of life on earth. He wept through the first appearance of life on land, and even whe nhumans started. He only stopped his mourning when something caught his eye. It was a large, ape-like being. It didn’t lean over like an ape, and had much less hair than one. The nose was more defined, and not as large. The lips were smaller as well. The skin was very dark as well, almost like it’d been burnt. Peldurol focused on this thing, and his vision changed. He got a better look at it.
‘Do you like what you see, my child,’ a voice asked him.
He couldn’t believe it. After all that time alone, someone’s voice was heard. He couldn’t think of any answer except,
‘I’m not exactly sure what it is…’
‘That’s a human. It’s a new experiment.’
‘…Experiment?’ he asked.
‘Yeah, of course. What do you think you were,’ the voice had changed a bit. Something about it was more harsh than before.
‘What I… was?’ he was thoroughly confused now.
‘Come on, don’t you have the sense I gave you,’ the voice said softly, chuckling at his jest.
‘Wait, who are you,’ it had slipped Peldurol’s mind that he was indeed conversing with himself.
‘I do not think you would believe me if I were to tell you, but if you insist. I am God.’
‘You are… correct in your assumption. I don’t exactly believe you,’ Peldurol returned.
‘Well, aren’t we a mite bit assholish to our Creator,’ said the voice again, a little more gravelly and violent than before.
‘I suppose it would make sense that you’re God, I am dead and all,’ Peldurol said, apologetically.
‘Damn right it makes sense,’ the voice scolded, ‘Now, back to the topic at hand. I made you as an experiment to see how you live, how you grow, etcetera.’ The voice explained, ‘You survived just fine until that big ass ball of fire came and smited your ass,’ God’s voice changed drastically between the two sentences, ‘After that, well, incident, I became more or less bored and decided to create a completely new being from something that exists already. Before you, you see the finished product.’
‘That is indeed a very… new creation,’ Peldurol thoughtfully conjectured.
‘You sound like you don’t understand, is something wrong?’
‘Yes, I don’t know why I’ve not yet been sent to heaven. Unless, of course, this is heaven.’
‘Oh, it’s not heaven… right now you’re in the judgement phase.’
‘I see…’
‘Well, I will see you again. You think about all that you are seeing.’
With that, a small bit of weight lifted from Peldurol’s ethereal shoulders, and his mind was a bit more clear.


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