Review: Justice League: STARCROSSED

JL: STARCROSSED is the season finale for the current season of the animated Justice League series. It was aired recently, both as three separate episodes and as an animated movie.

The story, which deals with the secrets of the JL member Hawkgirl, was originally intended to be the series’ finale, but after it was decided by the producers to continue the series, it was changed into a revamping for the next season, which features several changes in the show.


The story involves ans alien race called The Thanagarians (Hawkgirl’s people) who are engaged in a terrible war against another race, the reptilian Gordanians. The Thanagarians (AKA as “Hawk-men”) decide to use Earth as a base for their plan to destroy their enemies. They claim that this is for the good of Earth as well. But when the League finds out their secret, they must battle a huge alien force armed with very powerful weapons! And, which side will HG choose?

Comments: I’m sure many of you will consider HG a traitor. However, I do not. I think that, all the time, she did what she believed was the best- for Thanagar, and for Earth. (In the same way many Americans feel it is justified to influence or occupy other countries, for their own “good”. A reference to the Irak War?) Of course, she could have TOLD the league what she thought, instead of helping capture them! Maybe she thought they would not understand at first, and hoped she could explain things later, or hoped that the occupation of Earth would be temporary? In any case, note how quickly she changed sides when she learned Earth was in danger. She also did NOT expect to be trusted again, an error which many characters in her position on other cartoons commit.

Another major event happens when the leaguers reveal their secret IDs to each other for the first time. (Well, actually, only Flash was ever opposed to the idea.) Even better, was the the way some normal people, DESPITE the danger, helped the Leaguers hide from the aliens. In so many other stories I’ve seen, the public is all too ready to sell the heroes that have saved them many times, to save themselves.

And I found it personally satisfying when Batman, who has always sort of looked down on the other heroes, saluted Flash and Martian Manhunter when he believed he was going to die.

In fact, now that I think about it, EVERY Leaguer had his moment to shine in this story, in one way or another. I was especially surprised to see it was Wonder Woman who found a way to escape and free the other leaguers!

JL: STARCROSSED is definitely the best JL story so far; it made sense, it had great moments from all characters, and even the animation was better than average. Here’s hoping the new JL series, JL International, is just as good!

I didn’t get to see the whole “movie”, but I was able to catch enough of it to figure out what was going on… :slight_smile: I liked it a lot!

Here’s hopin’ the next JL series is just as good.