Revenge of the Sith


I have some problems, and here they are.

[spoiler]1. “Look at me! I’m Mace! I’m Dead!” I really wanted to see him kick some ass. He let me down hard.

  1. The entire movie was rushed. Anakin’s corruption took all of ten minutes.

  2. I can count on one hand the number of blaster-men it took to kill the entire Jedi council. There is everything wrong with this.

  3. “You’re beautiful.” “It’s because I’m in love with you.” “No, it’s because I’m in love with YOU!”

  4. “One.” “Luke.” “Two.” “Leia.” dies

  5. The scene transitions every five seconds. Pick something and stick with it. Fragmented movies aren’t fun.[/spoiler]

I’m sure I can think of more.

I disagree about how long it took to corrupt Anakin. That began in the 2nd movie and the conflict was pretty obvious throughout the 3rd.

I agree about the movie being too rushed. It seemed like Lucas got a new video editor this year and wanted to try out all the editing effects.

One thing that bugged me was at the end where Obi-wan warned Anakin about attacking him because he had the higher ground. Does that even matter in a sword fight? Step-lunge, parry. Keep doing that until you’re even.

In terms of movie-time it was gradual. In the actual events, Anakin was a well-grounded Jedi in one moment and full blown Sith lord the next.

God I’m tired of all of these Star Wars threads. Geez can’t we talk about something else for once.

Too many Jedi!

Other then that I really enjoyed the movie. I think people expect way too much from the new Star Wars movies.

Like another political thread from you? Since, you know, we haven’t had any SW threads in a while. :frowning:

Anyway, I agree with Hades on Anakin’s transition. They planted the seeds all the way back in the Phantom Menace, but my lord was it rushed in Revenge of the Sith. He goes from being your typical rebellious teenager to Sith Lord in the snap of a thumb. In the end, his very quick transition made episodes 1 and 2 just seem… Useless.

Take the OT. Luke has a very slow transition to Jedi, and we see it happening. Each movie clearly shows growth in the character with none of it feeling rushed. Anakin, on the other hand, was the same character through the first half of Revenge that he was in Clones. He goes from being a whiny, angry teenager to full blown murderer, with the only blip in the path being his Sandmen massacre.

He’s going to protect the emperor because he’s naive, Mace is killed, he feels bad and says it’s wrong, Emperor says join me, and Anakin says ok. All in five minutes. That’s the definition of rushed character development.

I didn’t mind this as much as I thought I would. The fight scenes weren’t so poorly coreographed, most of the acting wasn’t god-awful, and the direction wasn’t as apeshit crazy as I assumed it would be. Although the scene transitions got pretty fucking old.
Anyway, the strongest feeling I got out of this movie was a desire to watch the original trilogy again, so I can’t really hate Lucas for it, because for all its shortcomings, it reminded me how good the originals were.
My main problem is how it is supposed to be tragic when Amidala/Padme dies. Her character traits are being an ‘empowered female’ who always needs a male to take care of her and protect her. She isn’t like Leia, where she is an active part of the rebels fighting for freedom and risking her life. She’s a tool who says shit and uses the Jedi order to protect her so she never has to back it up, and who can’t say no to Annakin. Not to mention that most of his corruption is partially her fault, it’s not like she made great attempts to stop it.

Whaddaya MEAN the fight scenes weren’t so poorly choreographed and that the acting wasn’t godawful?

Anyway, yeah. This movie fully deserved its acronym of “ROTS”. According to a friend of my sister, on the opening night, when Vader does his Frankenstein routine and goes “NOOOOOOO!!!” the entire theater pointed and laughed.

Most of the acting was horrifying. The fight scenes WERE good though.

It was a figure of speech, which meant that Anakin was at a disadvantage. Which he was.

And I don’t see why people say he went from being a rebellious teenager to a full blown sith lord. I thought that the turmoil inside him was very obvious.

HAHAHAHA! The times when you as an audience member know you could do a better script job show just how week the screenwriting is.

Lex: ground DOES matter in a swordsfight. It’s easier to attack someone below you than it is to attack someone above. There’s literature about it, and that’s also where the expression “uphill battle” comes from. I also learned it from experience in my school. There are ways to counter this disadvantage if the difference in grounding is small, but in that scene Obi-Wan was just too much above Anakin for it to be done.

Hades: if you want to see more of Master Mace’s awesomeness, go watch Clone Wars. You’ll see him kicking nine kinds of ass.

Or get play as him in Star wars Battlion 2 just out…

Star wars sucks okay

I got annoyed by them growing up as a kid, and I didn’t like any of the new ones.
I’m more of a star trek fan; however, I don’t watch that much either.

Edit: Completely off topic, but i’ve play way too much goddamn CS this week.

I liked the part when the robot coughed.

(although on the serious side, Lucas is addicted to overdone scene transition-edits in all his movies. Just watch the original trilogy, there are constantly different kinds of cuts and wipes used)

What the movie did well were the fight scenes, some of the Anakin stuff (everything between him and Obi-Wan was great), and most of the special effects. But there were lots and lots of flaws, most of which were brought up here, I think most of the critics vastly overreacted to the movie’s debut (the NY Times called it better than A New Hope for chrissakes)

My favorite part was watching his gimped corpse catch on fire…


You know you like them. Also, my comment was more to make fun of Hades’ comment in my thread.

I really wasn’t a fan of this movie either for most of the reasons Hades stated. At least I got to watch it with a really hot guy. :smiley:

What? We didn’t watch it together. And I know SG was in California at the time, so he can’t say he was the one with you.