Revealed at last!! One of Spider-Man 3's villains!!

…And he’s wearing a striped T-Shirt??

Yup, it’s The Sandman. No relation to the one from DC comics. God, I can’t believe they used the same clothes from the comic! They could’ve given him a cool new look like they did to Doc Octopus. Oh, well, maybe the CGI effects (when he turns into sand) will be cool. Plus, there’s at least one other villain in there, either Hobgoblin or Venom. I’d prefer the latter.

Also on this page, LOTS of comic book movie news, including a translation of the Portuguese X-Men article I linked the other day (but it says pretty much what Ren already translated for us, ha ha.)

I was expecting the Lizard, seeing as there was some reference to Doc Conners in the second movie.

Well Sandman can work, even so I don’t usually list him on Spider-Man’s elite list of villains. Oh well, at least it not Rocket Racer. :smiley:

And Wil, thank you for not using that god forsaken thread title.


Does this variant of the Sandman not bother to take the sand out first?

<strike>He’s sandy, that man</strike> Wow, neat. But I really hope Venom makes it into this one, though I wonder how they might introduce him.

Something on the IMDB website said Topher Grace would be venom in the new movie. I don’t know how legitimate that is.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Venom appearing. He deserves it.

I think it’d be better if Venom didn’t apppear now.

waits until people stop throwing stones

Because it’d be just a little cool if he appeared now, but it’d be a lot cooler if he was the solve villain of a movie. He’d have more space to be, well, a villain. I can’t see a way to make him appear together with Sandman and make it seem logical or well done.

Its Venom and Sandman. Check IMDB.

How bout a random Spidey ass-beatin’? That’d be pretty awesome and Venom wouldn’t have to realy do anything with Sandman.

IMDB is supplied most of it information by the users, which means it not completely accurate.

Yeah, that’s why it lists the main character of Hellsing as “Arucard.”

Who the hell is Sandman? I don’t remember him from the cartoon.

Gila: This guy:

Sandman is not one of Spidey’s best known enemies, though he has been around for decades. He has appeared in the cartoons, thought.

I would’ve gone for Venom vs Hobgoblin.

I don’t know how the story will go, but I don’t think we’ll see Hobgoblin in Spiderman 3. In my opinion, Harry was still shocked to find out Peter’s super hero identity. I think he’ll need the extra time to become Hobgoblin.

They have already given a plot push for hobgoblin if you even watched the end of spiderman 2… I mean, Harry Osborne has FOUND his father’s secret stash and is already going mad with hate for spiderman. If they ignore that and jump to venom the movie will not flow properly with the others.

While I do think venom is fantastic, I think they need to take it slowly. Hes like one of the ultimate bad guys and I honestly don’t think Spider-man has matured enough to be able to handle the threat of Venom yet… Let him go through some of the classic bad guys before bringing out the big guns!

Nah, the way he’s found the Goblin’s stuff, I think he’s ready for it.

I wanna see a movie of Spiderman vs. the Sinister Six after a few more Spidey movies.

there is speculation that the pic is meant to be misleading, that a villain like Venom or someone is actually going to be in the movie, and the shirt is more of a reference to the older Sandman character (a combination of marketing trickery and Sam Raimi’s fanboy referenceing). But I dunno, the guy looks a lot like Marko.

I hope that the third movie covers Harry’s degeneration into the Goblin uniform and uses a minor character like Sandman as the extra villain. That way Raimi can sort of complete his “Goblin Trilogy” and it would add a nice conclusion to what is likely to be the final Spider-Man movie using Raimi, Maguire and Dunst.

and then the fourth one can be an exclusively VeNoM one or two-parter.

That didnt make any sense to me. If you are refering to me saying Spider-man isnt ready for Venom, then what does Harry having found the goblin’s stuff have to do with it?

It sounded like you were addressing two completely unrelated matters that I mentioned, but I can’t tell for sure… So what were you talking about?

I was answering the post right above youres, but you beat me to it.

Batm… Er, Merlin, I thought Maguire wouldn’t be in Spiderman 3 due to health problems. Can someone find information about it?