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Greetings. I am I Abibde / Samuraiter. You may recall me from the Mailbags that Cidolfas used to post here between '99 and '02. (I have seen at least one of you in other places across the Internet.) Since then, I have attempted to visit the chat at least once per year to pay respects, but I thought, now that the market for JRPGs is going through a number of changes, that it might be a good idea to reappear, if only to lurk, read, and possibly post a 'fic from time to time. Regardless of whether or not you have any idea who I am, I am pleased to see that this forum – indeed, this entire site – still exists after all this time. It helped keep up my interest in RPGs during the big boom of the late '90s, and it introduced me to games that I might have otherwise missed. Life has changed a great deal since those days, but my interest in RPGs has not, and I look forward to coming back to where it all started.


Cheerio, good sir

Why did you make a new account? Or did you not have one or something.

We changed boards and databases sometime after '02. All accounts got lost in the move.

If you liked the mailbag, you woulda LOVED it when I was in charge.

Oh yea, I forgot…

I remember your name even though I wasn’t around at that time. Mailbags were fun. Whatcha doing these days?

Welcome back.

'Ello. Welcome back.

Welcome back. Would you like to contribute to my Nigerian Prince relief fund? All we need to do is collect $2,000 and send it to a Nigerian prince, which he will use to unlock millions of dollars in held-up funds. We will be awarded with 10% of the total amount. Please send me a PM if you’d like to join the fund.

Welcome back, Samuraiter. I don’t remember you (I joined in '02) besides my memory sucks these days :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s always nice to find out what old members are doing. Hope you like the new place! :slight_smile:

Can’t say I recall you. But welcome back nonetheless.

Get it? He’s suggesting you AREN’T a veteran as you claim to be.

But do you, get it? He’s suggesting you AREN’T as funny as you claim to be.

That said, hello.

He wasn’t even talking about me…


This eclectic range of replies is about what I expected. Thank you for the warm (re)welcome, folks.

No you didn’t. You weren’t here at the time. Unless you were Setz. But I think even he wasn’t around during the database wipe of '03.


I read the history.