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It’s hard to tell who was the bigger star of the movie: Sarah, Jim Henson’s Muppet’s, or David Bowie’s penis. His penis did all the acting and the dancing and “spell casting.” All David Bowie himself do was turn into the white owl.

It was a good movie, despite David Bowie flashing his dong around more than the King of Cosmos. I’ll browse through the manga if I see it in a Books-a-Million

I was with trill and read through it the art is interesting and its okay. I wasn’t to impressed it felt they were trying to move to plot faster then should go. But i’m also used to longer comics/manga so… if the make another I’ll read it. Maybe. I’m lazy.

Necroposting to mention that the second volume has been released. I snapped it up and if anything, I think this one’s better than the last. It manages to flesh out the new characters and the old ones. Their tantalizing hints about the world Labyrinth takes place in actually don’t sound like retcons at all, and they have a real flair for both story and plot (which aren’t necessarily the same thing). They manage to keep the feel of the movie while expanding it in very imaginative ways. (They also don’t rely on the movie as a crutch as much as the first volume did.) I find the new characters very appealing. I also like the fact that Toby is neither your cliched “do-gooder” nor the cliched “brat who learns to love” - he’s just a teenager, with all the flaws that implies.

It’s now been expanded to four volumes total, and I’ll definitely be picking up the others when they’re released.

One thing I’ve noticed about manga is that it tends to be very “active” - onomatopoeic noises, big “shout” speech bubbles… this one is a lot more sedate, which generally works far better (it does lose out in some of the more action-oriented sequences, but there aren’t many of those). The art style is clear and crisp, exactly the sort I look for. So I’m happy. :sunglasses:

I have never even heard about Labyrinth before.

You WHAT? O_o

Seriously, man, go rent it or download it or something. It bleeds awesome.

I definitely remember it from my childhood. It was pretty disturbing for a kid’s movie. it was for me. Maybe I’m just a wimp :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have to agree with Cid.

It’s very much awesome.

Like most of the early 90s Disney Movies along with the Secret of NIMN, the Never Ending Story, and the Dark Crystal. Labyrinth is yet another movie that I really should revisit.

Secret of Nimh actually wasn’t a Disney movie. It, along with others of similar animation like Sword in the Stone, An AMerican Tale(you know, with that mouse, Fievel), the animated Robin Hood movie where Robin Hood is a walking fox, were made by a production studio founded by a rogue, disgruntled former Disney employee.

There’s your trivia for the day :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Robin Hood and Sword in the Stone were Disney. The other two were made by Don Bluth.

Ahhh, yep, that’s the guy I had in mind. But weren’t Sword and Robin Hood made by Don Bluth while he worked for Disney? I should probably look this up myself, but I’m too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, for those of you who don’t know, Don Bluth was an animator or something for Disney who defected and made Secret of Nimh, An American Tale, among other things. His most recent effort was Titan A.E., if anyone remembers that.

I liked how in part 2 of Robin Hood everyone was imprisoned and in misery till Robin saved the day.

I dunno how big a hand he had in any projects while he was still at Disney. I guess you could look up Wikipedia if you like. :sunglasses:

I have been waiting FOREVER for the second part to come out.:boring: