Return of the King Footage

This is some Return of the King footage off the upcoming Two Towers Extended Edition DVD thats going to be released in august:

It’s 22 mb.

I tend to enjoy the trailers far more than the actual movie, skips all the bullshit and just gives me the good parts of the movie.

I thought the EXTENDED DVD won’t be out till November, and we’re just getting the normal release in August?


The trailer for the Two Towers was on the non-extended version of the Fellowship DVDs, so it’ll probably be the same for the Two Towers non-extended.

Normal edition is coming august 26th and Extended is coming November 11th =)

I’ve got Fellowship extended and planning on getting Two Towers Extended ^^

I know the answer is probably to make more money, but why do they bother releasing the first one, if they’re gonna release an extended one 2 months later?