REturn of the HTML Help.

Yep, I’m back. I’ve worked on another template for the maps in Might and Magic 7.

Unlike the last, this one is a bit more complete.

I DO use image maps in the map, but that’s only to link to the Minimap (Outlined in red) and to the Erathia map via The compass letters. There’s really only one map Tatalia connects to, so only the East link will work.

So tell me what you think? Any glaring errors or the like?

Now you’re getting the hang of it. ^^

I like it, it would be nice if maybe when you got a mouseover on the clickable image map section you had some sort of visual indication that you can click on that part, but since I don’t think you can do that with an image map never mind.

Its a very nice map, simple yet effective (its just a shame the world map in MM7 looks so damned ugly.)