Return Of The Group Fanfic!!!

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The story begins in the World of the Chrono Trigger characters (whom we have named the Chrononauts). The CT heroes (Crono, Marle, Lucca, Frog (back to his human form, Glenn), Robo and Ayla, plus Glenn’s fiancé Rhiannon (Magus never joined the heroes in our continuity) were adventuring together (AFTER the events of CT- apparently, it was a friendly reunion) when they were attacked and defeated by a Mysterious foe (later revealed to be the Sorcerer, Gunti) who kidnaps Rhiannon and demands that Marle’s pendant be given to him in exchange. The heroes are then contacted by Magus, who reveals that Gunti is his son by Ultimecia, a Sorceress from another World (that of Final Fantasy 8) conceived as a way to “get back” at her former lover, Squall. Magus explains that Gunti wants the pendant because it is the same that his sister Schala once wore, and it is the key to absolute power over time, same as Ultimecia now has. Since Schala is also Gunti’s prisoner (and Gunti hates Magus?s guts) he proposes that they work together. Reluctantly, the heroes agree, and decide that they need more information on Ultimecia first.
At the End of Time (or more exactly, the Stone Plaza built by their ally, Gaspar the Wise Man) Lucca and Magus fix the Epoch to be able to travel across dimensions, and they set out for Gaia 8. But Gunti had forseen this, and put a barrier that caused them to be detoured into Gaia 5 (home of the Final Fantasy 5 characters.)

The Epoch crashes, and the heroes are met by Bartz, one of the Dawn Warriors (FF5 heroes.) He arranges for the heroes to meet his friends (Reina, who?s now the Queen of Tycoon Kingdom; her Sister Salsa, still pretending to be a male pirate named Faris; and teenage Kryle, successor of her late grandfather, Galuf) hitting on the CT girls in the process- particularly poor Lucca. The local geniuses, Cid and Mid, help repair the Epoch, after the heroes recover some Adamantite. When the Chrononauts are ready to leave, Bartz asks to join them, looking for adventure (and not realizing Reina’s feelings for him.) They allow him to come along.

The flight is uncontrolled at first, causing the ship to strike two wandering interdimensional Warmages, Robert and Aurora (from Starstorm’s fanfic, “Enter a Warmage”) and to enter Gaia 7 (home of the Final Fantasy 7 characters) and crash into the FF7 heroes’ ship, the Highwind, pulling it along with them back to The End of Time. This leads to a fight between the CT and FF7 heroes (Cloud vs Crono, Tifa vs Ayla, Red XIII vs Bartz, Barret vs Lucca, Yuffie vs Marle, Cait Sith vs Robo, Cid vs Glenn and Vincent vs Magus.) (THIS WAS A GREAT FIGHT! TOO BAD WE LOST IT.) >_<
The fight is interrupted by Robert and Aurora, who, on being informed of what is going on, decide to take over and lead the heroes. Joined by the FF7 heroes, the Chrononauts (plus Robert) head back to Chronia to rescue Rhiannon, Schala, and Magus (who was captured by Nar, Gunti’s demon underling) while Aurora, Lucca, Cloud and Reeves (Caith Sith) head for Gaia 8.

The heroes pretend to storm Gunti’s castle from the front, to distract him; while the heroes fight Gunti’s pet monsters, Yuffie, Ayla and Vincent infiltrate the castle and free the prisoners. Robert takes on Gunti personally, actually hurting the Sorcerer before escaping once the hostages are safe. Gunti swears vengance on the Warmage for the humiliation.

The heroes return to The Plaza at the End of Time, and Robert decides to evacuate it, knowing Gunti’s forces will attack the place soon. They decide to gather at Castle Tycoon in Gaia 5, without waiting for Lucca’s team to return.

Meanwhile, in Gaia 8, Aurora and her allies end up rescuing Selphie and Irvine, who explain their World’s story: after the events of FF8, Squall was killed by a trap of Seifer’s. This drove his lover, Rinoa, insane with grief, which eventually causes her to become… Ultimecia! They decide to try to change history, to prevent that from ever having happened. They enlist the help of the Sorceress Edea, and, after a struggle inside Rinoa’s own soul, seemingly succeed. Afterwards, the heroes return to Gaia 5, accompanied by the whole FF8 cast (Squall, Rinoa, Zell, Selphie, Irvine and Quistis)

But when the heroes are reunited in Castle Tycoon, they realize the timeline is somehow still in place!
Also, Schala and Magus have a long-delayed reunion, and Robert begins thinking about Magus’ potential as a Warmage.

Back at the Plaza, Gunti has his forces take over, after he defeats the “war god” (Spekkio) in combat (who escapes him, however.) Before Gunti can order an attack on Gaia 5, Ultimecia appears, and explains that SHE is holding her reality in place, by sheer force of will- and the power of LAVOS, who is elsewhere in the End of Time, evolving into the Timedevourer (see Chrono Cross!) Ultimecia claims to want to join forces with Gunti and help him achieve a similar state of “godhood”. Gunti has no choice but to agree.

Robert attempts to investigate matters by projecting his spirit where Ultimecia (who is revealed to be a former pupil of his) is, but is accidentally pulled by her link to Lavos into the Timedevourer. There, he finds out that Lavos is a mindless Old One, who feeds on souls in an attempt to achieve sentience.

Unknown to EVERYONE, all these events are being watched by the Immortals (among them, The Sage, The Tiger, The Goddess, and the Kaiser) godlike beings who keep order in the Multiverse, by manipulating events behind the scenes (any similarities between them and this story’s writers are NOT a coincidence! :slight_smile: .) But now, they fear that these events might escalate into a conflict that could destroy all realities! However, because Lavos is connected to the Old Ones (from the Cthulhu mythos) they fear that if they interfere directly, they might break the spells set in place by their predecessors, that keep the other Old Ones contained.

Meanwhile, Robert’s soul manages to free itself from Lavos, but part of him -the dark part- is left behind, possibly giving Lavos what it needs to become sentient…
Robert’s spirit travels back Ultimecia, and is surprised to find her within Rinoa’s body, in order to spy on the Heroes’ emergency meeting in Castle Tycoon, where they’re trying to discuss what to do (Aurora has taken over leadership, since Robert is believed to be “brain dead”.) The meeting is joined by the Warmages’ Queen, Rydia (of FF4 fame) at the behest of Phoenix (who is secretly the Tiger). Rydia and Lucca figure out that Rinoa is Ultimecia, and decide to try to separate her from the others without her suspecting a thing, and then capture her.

Meanwhile, the Sage decides to call his chosen champion, Sijo the Worldswalker (a fanfic character of mine) to help, since he’s among the few beings who knows about the Immortals’ existence. Reluctantly he agrees, and infiltrates Gunti’s forces by replacing Nar.

Robert’s spirit, convinced Ultimecia is not beyond redemption, tries to convince her to change her mind, but she might not get the chance, as she is attacked by Lucca, Aurora, Rydia and Quistis. Squall, who knows about Rinoa’s possession (but wasn’t able to tell because she kept him under her control) apparently decides to side with her, and prepares to fight his allies!

And at the same time, a mysterious voice contacts Gunti, to help him plan how to get rid of Ultimecia, and, FINALLY, get the Dreamstone Pendant…!

The world explodes. The End.

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Actually the current state of Ultimecia is that she’s in her Suspire. After an argument between Robert and Ultimecia, Robert “left” her (not for long, just staying quiet and observing). Squall right now is preparing to defend her (she is now out of Rinoa’s body, unconcious, and Rinoa’s state is unknown)… but Aurora seems determined not to let anyone attack, even though she’s as mystifed as anyone else.

So Robert thinks she’s ready an now she has choices to make, on the most traumatic and defining moments of her life. At this point she WILL begin to remember.

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Is everyone in the same room now, or is someone outside?
EDIT: Oh, and what did that voice say?

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As everyone stood there; wondering what was going to happen to Squall, Ultimecia, and the world in general, the door suddenly exploded in a spray of splinters.
There was a shocked silence, but the shock soon turned into surprise, surprise and fear, as Gunti walked in through the smoking hole that had been a door.
They had barely been able to get Magus, Shala and Rhiannon from his keep.
But then they were prepared. And they had Robert’s help.
This time they were the one’s who had been surprised. And Robert wasn’t here.
“Did you think that I wouldn’t find you here?” Gunti snorted.
“But, how.” Marle started.
“Easy.” Gunti interrupted her. “With the help of the power my mother was using. I simply followed it here.
And this time you haven’t got help from that Warmage so now you die!”

Meanwhile in the realm of the Immortals.
Everyone was very upset except for a blue haired young man.
“Freak!” The Sage said. “Was that really necesarry?”
“Relax.” The blue haired one answered. “I was just Poke-ing around a bit.”
The Kaiser shook his head. “That pun was even worse than what you just did.”
“Well, excuse me!.” The Freak said. “But even if all of you was to busy eavesdropping at the meeting, Gunti wasn’t just sitting there practising his evil laugh, or something.”
There was an embarrased silence. Everyone <I>had</I> been too busy looking at the meeting to see what Gunti was up too.
“Anyway,” the Freak continued, “now I’ve solved that problem for you. They’re all at the same place now.”
Some of the Immortals smiled at that, because they knew about the Freak’s odd sense of humor, but their smiles soon faded when they realised that he would leave it up to them to sort out the mess.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got another world to care about.”
And then he left the pool to the next Immortal.

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Well, the whole point was to make people remeber that even if something really big is happening, it doesn’t mean that everything else stands still.

Besides, I thought it would be fun to add a little twist 'cause they were talking way too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile, in Gaia 8, Aurora and her allies end up rescuing Selphie and Irvine, who explain their World’s story:

Actually, it was Ellone and Irvine (I 'member cus I wrote it!) that they rescued.

But great job, Wil.

Ultimecia stood in a vast, lonely grey void that she recognised, in a strange sort of way. Time had been compressed and held for too long – apparently, her collapse had initiated this reaction. She wasn’t a scientist, but she knew that, before everything fell back into place, there would inevitably be a period of existence where everything was jumbled together. The Powers that Be were probably, right now, trying to unravel the tangle of Time. She didn’t know how long she had left, either, before time snapped back into place and, since Rinoa had been saved, she simply ceased to exist. Or perhaps Rinoa hadn’t been saved? Perhaps she, Ultimecia, was inevitable . . .

Causing such chaos didn’t warm her inside as it might have done once. The emphasis was on loneliness; Ultimecia could see endlessly in any direction, but there was nothing to see. Just grey nothingness, spanning the universe itself, or so it seemed.

She didn’t regret what she had done. In fact, that brief period of time with Squall had been worth every second of sacrifice. Ultimecia had forgotten how much she loved him . . . no, that wasn’t exactly right. Her love for him had just withered away into bitterness, hatred and anger at his death. A death he could have avoided if he had only listened to her!

Aware that her mind was now a confusing mix of Ultimecia and the Rinoa she had evolved from, she sighed. Robert had mentioned trials. Well, she’d never been a patient woman. Where were they? Pushing slightly into the nothingness with her unusual powers, a brief moment of clarity was granted to her, and she saw, to her complete disgust, Gunti standing over Squall and the others.

“I’ll deal with you later, you ungrateful little wretch,” she said through gritted teeth.

Well, she’d have to be quick. Her lion and his friends were strong, but Gunti had been gifted with both her and Magus’ commendable powers of magic, a combination that was daunting, to say the least.


Ultimecia whirled at the sound of her own name hissed so sharply. There was nothing but grey, but she could sense an odd presence surrounding her.


“Who’s there?” she yelled into the abyss. And then a silhouette could be discerned in the swirling nothingness, walking towards her. She was very surprised when Rinoa walked into view.

“Hello, Ultimecia,” she said softly, eyeing her future self with a kind of awe and disgust that had been lacking when they had fought before. Well, now that she knew her own fate . . .

“What are you doing here?” Ultimecia snapped, her heart aching at the sight of herself so young and untainted.

Rinoa regarded her sadly. “Robert asked me to help you. Well, he said it would help us, if I help you overcome the trials ahead.”

“What about Squall?”

“Probably frantic with concern, since both of us are currently out cold. Come on, Ultimecia.”

Rinoa reached forward, and took the woman’s hand firmly in her own.

The nothingness began to blur into colour and stretched sounds. The environment seemed to focus in on them, and they were suddenly standing in a SeeD dormitory. Squall and another Rinoa were talking . . . no, they were arguing, just off to the left. Ultimecia and the real Rinoa watched intently as Squall, determined to leave, mercilessly massacred Rinoa’s feelings in the process. Her bitterness and vicious anger at him leaving her when he would inevitably die were tangible in the air.

“How could he have been so cold?” Ultimecia said, shuddering with those same emotions. “He didn’t even say goodbye, or sorry, or those three little words that could have made everything so different!”

Beside her, Rinoa chewed on her lip. “I know. I remember how much it hurt. But . . . I think he wanted to say those things. You forget that this is Squall we’re talking about; he has so much trouble expressing his emotions. Maybe it wasn’t his fault. Maybe it was my . . . our . . . fault for being so selfish.”

“Selfish?!” Ultimecia clenched her teeth. Just seeing this made her remember how she could hate and love him to the same intense degree at exactly the same time. “His first priority should always have been his Sorceress!”

“That’s what I mean. There was no reason for him to stay, when he wouldn’t know what his actions would cause me to become, but there was every reason for leaving to attempt to save his other friends.”

“But, he . . .” Ultimecia tried to find a fault with her logic, and was incredibly frustrated that she was unsuccessful in that task. “He could have been more sensitive,” she finished lamely.

Rinoa nodded. “I know. The thing with Squall is that he doesn’t know how to be. I never realised that until I saw this again, as an observer. I always thought he did it because he was a heartless bastard – the very attitude, I suppose, that led me down the twisting path to you.”

Ultimecia remained silent, but felt some of her anger abate. True, they both loved Squall, and that meant accepting his faults as well as his better qualities. She watched as the scene began to fade – it was making way for the next trial.

Does anyone mind if I deal with Ultimecia’s trials? I already have plans for the other two, but I think it would be better if they’re spaced out with the scene with Gunti. So, I’ll wait for the next post before I add anymore - that’s if no one objects?

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I think I’ve got most of the story, actually. >_< No idea who wrote what though, I’m afraid…

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Originally posted by wingnut
I think I’ve got most of the story, actually. >_< No idea who wrote what though, I’m afraid?

Really? If so, woo hoo hoo!

Don’t worry about credits, we’d all likely recognize our styles and parts. That can all be sorted out later, and isn’t really as important.

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(OOC: Before I can continue writing, folks, I need to know a few things:

  1. Ultimecia has been pulled out of Rinoa, right?

  2. Nobody knows that, except maybe Robert, correct? So, the heroes will likely attack Rinoa anyway?

  3. Aurora, however, won’t permit it?

  4. Gunti doesn’t know his mother isn’t inside Ultimecia either, right?

  5. Present at the moment are: Rinoa, Aurora, Squall, Gunti, Rydia, Lucca and Quistis?

  6. The rest of the Heroes haven’t yet noticed the attack?

I think I know the answers, but if you can clear them up for me, so much the better.)

  1. Ultimecia left Rinoa’s body, at Robert’s request.

  2. Irrelevant, both are on the ground, out like a rock.

  3. No, but they have more pressing matter. (I.: Gunti)

  4. Huh? If you meant that if he knew Ultimecia was in Rinoa, yeah.

  5. Everyone is there. Rather crowded actually, they followed Aurora and Squall in.

  6. Chances are they noticed. Heh. I doubt they have much room to manuever though…