Return of the Desktop Thread!

Yes its that time of the year again, wheremindless spam is posted in the name of all that is good and holy!

Behold, my desktop!

My Desktop with Winamp

My Desktop without Winamp

<img src=“”>

Whoops, accidently made it a picture.

At least shrink it down to 640x480 Tench.

I don’t change my wallpaper very often. So?

Hpw dp you get those sreensshots of your desktops? I change mine every month & I want to show mine off!

I nned to know

Dont double post or anything.

Anyway, hit the print screen button on the top right row of the keyboard. That’ll take a shot of your desktop. Open up paint, and hit ctrol+v and it’ll copy the image onto mspaint. Save it as whatever.jpg, load it up to some webspace and link it here.

Whee, Got mine done too :slight_smile:

Go Rikku, go ;p

Been playing too much RTCW lately.

<img src=“”>

Looks wonderful, don’t it?

Behold: HALF-LIFE 2

Can somebody host mine please?


I put mine onto Yahoo briefcase.

Originally posted by Cala

Doesn’t work, I waited half an hour and then it timed out.

The Desktop <— I like changing it around every couple months or so.

<img src=>
<img src=“”> It’s not very good but…:here is mine…

Hell yes, Ez! The Arrogant Worms r0x0rz.

I made this wallpaper myself. In fact, you can download 4 wallpapers that I made at my site! Click on my sig to find out.

Anyways, here’s the desktop pic:

sueka :stuck_out_tongue:

<A HREF=“”>
<IMG SRC=“” WIDTH=“640” HEIGHT=“480”>