Return of Lemmings

Looks like Sony is bringing back one of their older licenses (or, at least, one of the older licenses that they aquired; Psygnosis was purchased by Sony some years ago). What’s more, they found an excellent format for it: portable. A PSP version of the game is available in Europe, and on the way in US and Japan. I don’t know how many puzzle fans there are here who’d care, but I’m happy to see a return of the little guys.

<A HREF=“”>EU Lemmings PSP, in case you can’t wait for a local release</A>

I’ve seen it on sale but am not tempted. If it were on DS though, it’d be another story entirely.

It’s owned by Sony, so you won’t ever see it on DS.

I know, which is why I’m pouting.

It would be perfect on the DS. But alas.