Retrying the question thread...

Since the last one vanished and I don’t remember the questions (except Sorc’s and Cala’s), I’m going to try it again, but answer on May 4 now, to make up the lost time.

Okay, I know how it happened and all, but could you explain the female avatar thing and how it started to everyone else?

What do you think of me?

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment?

When will you finally admit that I am your true love?

Remakeing the first question of the other thread: why May 4th?

How did you get in to RPGs?

You think my avatar will have a chance with yours? :slight_smile:
(Deenar avatar. Kitsune one too. And Mage too? ^^;;))

Who is your greatest/truest love at this point in time?

What do you reslly think about the person(s) responsible for the worm that hit RPGC?

I don’t remember how to use Lagrange’s equations in kinetics of rigid bodies. Can you explain it to me? :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you like to do besides being online and playing games?

Why are you so female?

What is the essence of beauty? Why?

If you could be any RPG villian, who would it be?

I don’t remember my question, I’m surprised you can lol…

If you were a flower, how big would your penis be?

What is your favorite non-weekend day?

If you suddenly went completely bald, what would you have for dinner?

What is the greatest joy in the world?

Why can’t you install software without consulting Alex?

Who’s better live: Avril Lavigne (and Gob, and Swollen Members :P), or Bad Religion?

Why your thread has a Sticky and Galloway one not?

What’s on my Pocket?