You made me giggle. Talking to you is the highlight of my day!

Haha I knew someone would pick up on that statement. it was one of my ironic jokes.

Actually, I wouldn’t do any of that. As I said: It’s a JOKE.

Edit: Oh, oops. 0_0

I am quite offended… kirokokori you have exemley offended me if you post another of these theads I will not refrian form reporting it as Offencive.


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did 7 years of Education in 3 years.

I realize it’s a jokes but some jokes aren’t even funny and are in poor taste. Maybe I have a crank on, but none of what’s posted is even humorous.

I used to volunteer my spare time helping out the mentally handicapped, Kirokiri. We rented out a classroom to a special school that was recently shut down, and the students in my school would tease the kids and use them as entertainment by getting them to do stupid things. It made me sick to see people treated that way, and I’m awfully sensitive to seeing people make jokes about them. Please be more careful in what you say.

well, if it really boils down to it, the thread may get closed. But let me remind you all that there are lots of minorities in the world. Every day people make jests or jokes about said minorities and often in bad taste. Now, the problem is not the jest or the joke itself, but how people interpret it and get offended when it was clearly meant as a joke. Making fun of a handicapped person is nearly the same as making fun of a hispanic or african american. The reason being is that none of them can help what they are. We are people, we have quirks. Whether that quirk be the culture that has steriotypically been tied to our skin color or the lack of a fully functioning mind, its all part of us. Of course we’ll make jokes about other people’s misfortune or steriotype, its in our angsty society’s nature to do such. The thing we CAN help though, is not make big bitch-fits when it happens. If you arent the kind of person who can take a joke as a joke then dont take it at all. I’ve seen alot of threads in here where people (including myself) get shot down for making comments that directly oppose the thread of the moment. And I’ll bring the responses people gave me into this one. If you dont like what’s being discussed then dont post on this thread. Getting offended over somthing is NOT about the joke or how bad it is. Its about you and your lack of the ability to handle such things. Bringing down the man on us for making jokes is just a cop out when there’s nothing REALLY wrong being done. I mean, we dont go out and insult homeless people at food drives or drive through ghettos and scream various insults to african americans. And if any of you do, shame on you.

So in conclusion, we joke, it makes us smile or laugh or just be synical. If you can honestly say that you’ve never made a joke over somthing that is different from you (ie retard jokes and whatnot) then I’d beg to ask why someone so PURE minded as yourselves has been posting on this board for as long as you have.

Jokes are jokes, you dont see them taking Comedy Central off the air and they do alot worse than we have here. Jeez.

I’m sure we are all aware of it and I’ve said my share of silly and racist or whatever jokes, but I’ve never mocked them and tried to “become” what the joker perceives as funny. That’s like saying “If you want to be black, go roll around in hot fudge and act like you have a mouthful of food when you talk, hyuk hyuk!” or “If you want to be hispanic, go steal a bunch of candybars and cross the Texan border illegally!”. That’s just lewd.

Yes, but if you’ve lived your whole life being teased by people or witnessing people being teased over something they have no control over, you will feel strongly about such things. I don’t find “retard” jokes funny because of the reason listed above; I’ve seen the sick things people do to those of less intelligence, just for a cheap laugh (and believe it or not, I have a learning disability).

Have you ever read the book Flowers for Algernon? There is a scene where the main character of the story heads to a restaraunt (the main character was once retarded, but gained above-normal intelligence after an experiment, and begins to find out what the world is all about). The main character notices the busboy is also mentally retarded, and the people are teasing him and making him run around and things like that. The main character yells out a profanity to the people, then storms off. In the end, he sees how rotten people can be, and goes back to his blissful, unintelligent self.

The point is; I know the mentally handicapped can’t tell that you’re having fun with them, but it’s still not right to do that.

I know it’s not. I hate it when people try to do that. I’m sorry that I posted it. It’s not right to make fun of them, and it’s not their fault. But, really. I never ment to offend anyone, and I’m guessing almost all of those things aren’t how real mentally challenged people act. Seriously, I get really mad when I see people who make fun of them.

I understand. You didn’t greatly offend me because I could tell you weren’t really too serious about it, but please be careful what you say. I didn’t mean to snap at you either.

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If you want to make fun of people you have to use the Dave Chapplle meathod of making fun of everybody including yourself

How is the problem NOT the joke? If degrading people is ok, why dont we still have slavery? Are you saying that if noone gets offended by the action, then that action is automatically ok? Not many people were offended by slavery. That doesnt make it right. Not many people (except the jews) were offended by the halocaust. That doesnt make it ok. I know that is an extreme example, but it still holds.

Quite a lot of people were offended by the holocaust. But your right, the problem is the joke.

I ment at the time. Of the people who knew (with the exception of the jews) very few were against it.

Can’t argue with that.