I deleted this, because people got offended.

Bah, ametuers. I go to a retarded school, and I can tell you it takes a lot fo finesse to come off as actually retarded. Though I find it helps to have a constant supply of novocaine shot into yuor mouth, numbing your speech and making you drool a LOT. Then, after you’re talking numbly, call up a local place of business and say, “WANT JOB! I… Want job!”

Yeah, I put way too much research into this.

True, but also just drooling your self, and talking in a Goofy like voice works fine.

but it helps to also practice having little balance and coordinatin, too. Beside, just look into the eyes of a person, and you can usually tell theyre faking it.

Unless they messed up thier eyes with soap everyday! :slight_smile:

Come on people! Come, and learn the ways of retarded…ness!!!

That’s as bad as the scene in “Fifty First Dates” with Adam Sandler where he tries to get a date with the girl in the restaurant with the “I can’t read” routine.

#7: Making retarded posts as to how to act retarded. Retard.

I know! :slight_smile:

  1. Eating nothing but cake

Do you have something against me? That’s the third time you’ve said something like this.

TD has something against everyone, wether it be a grudge or incriminating photos.

Oooooooh, Thanks.

He has a picture of me eating cake


This is offensive to everybody.

I am offended by that remark!


Follow a friend of similar age (preferably older hehe) or friend, around a department store like Wal-mart. Then start doing little annoying things like making constant buzzing noises when you pass by people. Eventually the friend/sibling (hopefully) will say things like “I dont know you” and “Get away from me” and THAT is when you strike. “Noooo bruder! Dont leave me here… I dont wan to go bak to thuh house! Please dont hate be bruder, I am sorry for not talking good, I cant help it, you no that!” giving it your own little retarded whiney twist.

Yes, I’ve done this to a friend before and people would stare at him saying things like, “I cant believe he’s acting that way to his handicaped brother…” oooh good times.

On behalf of all mentally handicapped people, I am offended. Am I the only one who thinks it’s crude to post “funny” lists on websites to get people to act like people who don’t have a fairly normal life like the rest of us nor will ever? Ignorant.