Retaking BGII or something...

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I was too deep into pt’s storyline to notice it’s lacks in the fighting department :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I mean. It’s just so good that you don’t even notice.

I never really liked Vhailor or any other character with ideals resembling the Mercykillers (Anomen and Keldorn, for example). Sure he was strong but most dialogues ended up killing him or turning him against you; he was also a big bother in parts like Trias’s Redemption.

Wisdom is of HUGE importance. Not all the talking depends on INT, for example The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon requires both WIS and INT. Also, a 25 WIS doubles all the EXP you get. Yeah CHA wasn’t that good but at least made you sound a little more gentle.

The one that ruled whatever class you had was Constitution. Crack a 25 CON and you regenerate 4HP per second.

I agree, Wisdom was a great help… but, there were ways to boost it without leveling up, so you could use the points elsewhere.

But, I only put a few points into Constitution… I mean, except for a few places, what was the point of having a lot of health, when your guy kept popping back to life… besides, healing items were generously supplied and found almost everywhere.

intelligence was the one we should neglect methinks (not wisdom), seeing has how the cranium rat charms were so easy to come by and they gave +1 to your intelligence :slight_smile:

Yeah but I don’t think it was accumulative.

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Yeah but I don’t think it was accumulative.

yes it was (and still is i guess) ::doh::

From BG2, To NWN, To PST…Mayhaps we shoudl ehad back to BG2? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hell, Planescape is one of the BEST rpgs out there… that game is just the epitome of Black Isle Goodness.

Make that the best one. torment torments me ever so often…

<Torment> “Play me, biatch!”
<Mabatsekker> Fighter… nah, Thief, nah, Mage, nah, Fighter, nah, Thief…

Going back to BG2, here are two pages you might wanna
check: (Kor, this thing has the two bonus merchants from the bonus CD) (It’s useless but it’s funny)

Or just the main page:

EDIT: I just tried the patch with the bonus merchants and saw the one that sells the Planescape Torment related equipment. There are some items that catch my attention:

Dak’Kon’s Zerth blade: No other than the coolest sword of the coolest character in PST. Indeed this is the famous Karach Zerth blade that can cut trough planes itself. Though it didn’t became smoke because it was taken away from his master, it DID get crappier since it doesn’t grow with it’s wielder anymore (Obviously, you’d need a Githerai Zerth for that). There are two strange points besides it still existing (Which is one hell of a plot hole by itself):

  1. It increases a mage’s memorization slots just like it did with Dak’Kon……… except that in BG2, mages can’t use Katanas or any other kind of sword.
  2. It says that it was obtained when Dak’Kon was destroyed by an entity (Probably The Transcendental One) while helping the Nameless One. Dak’Kon DID die in Fortress of Regrets. You could revive him and send him back to Sigil if you managed to fuse with The Transcendental One but maybe the sword got stuck in the negative material (Though I would like to see the sucker who could get it out of there, especially with the fortress destroyed and the little fact that the plane sucks the live out of everything that steps on it).

Vhailor’s helm: I was OVERJOYED to see this sucker’s face in here. Not a big surprise since there where about a hundred ways to get rid of him.

Vecna’s robe: I still have to find out who the hell Vecna was, I know he was some overpowered lich but nothing else. I do remember Morte telling Fall From Grace that he was the head of Vecna; this might be just one of his lame attempts to hit on the girl but he seemed rather hesitant to talk about it, as he usually was when talking about serious stuff. Also, since to get stuck in the Pillar of Skulls you need to be some sort of evil powerful guy who caused someone’s death by lying, it seems rather possible that Vecna/Morte could be the same person.

All the Balduran equipment: Who the hell was Baldur and what does he have to do with PST?

There where also a Sensate amulet, a Harmonium halberd and a Mercykiller ring but I paid little attention to them.