Retaking BGII or something...

Well…that thread was dead but…now…with the big reset…how about taking it again?..ideas?..somebody?

I aint played it in a while, I did start a new game as a bard a while back, but only played once…

i used to play a lot of BGII a while back, i remember my favorite being the sorcerer (spells? cool!) and the Bard/Skald (spells and some fighting), Barbarians were also nice, anyways the ones i didn’t like were the priests and them druids (sucky spells, cept for the cure and 1 one or 2 decent high-level spells)

I suddenly got this Deja-vú feeling :slight_smile:

I’m almost at the end of the game, in the elven city (Not a chance in hell I’m spelling it.)

Heh…Yeah…I felt the need of doing this thread again…Maybe we can STILL talk about some things of BGII…like…spells or something…

-Something that i noticed…In BGII there are only 2 kinds of spells: Cleric ones and Arcana ones…I’m learning to play D&D now…and i noticed that…Druids have their own Spells…and either do Bards.

What edition D&D are you playing? I am pretty sure the arcana/cleric spell split was part of second edition, while the 3rd edition had all sorts of different spells. BG was mostly second edition rules.

I’m learning 3rd edition. But i’ve never seen the 2nd edition though…

chuckles. Baldur’s Gate 1 and Icewind Dale 1 were mostly based on 2nd Edition. Neverwinter Nights and ID 2 was 3rd edition.

BG2 was a little of both, and Torment was derived of the basic rules of both systems.

So, just use your knowledge of the early games when using second edition.

Whoa!, I’m getting NWN in 1 month…Good 3rd Edition Rules…But first…i must finish BGII (I don’t have the damned CD4)…hell…

i didn’t think neverwinter was that good, sure it had nice graphics and a decent enough plot, but between it and planescape torment, i’d choose planescape in a heartbeat.

YAY! Finally finished BG2… dude, what a crappy ending. It’s me or Irenicus’s movements in the ending where exactly the same as the Nameless One’s?

Get the expansion, SE. THAT is a much better ending… and there are three of them.

Hell, Planescape is one of the BEST rpgs out there… that game is just the epitome of Black Isle Goodness.

Man, The ending is just nice, Seeing Irenicus Falling into the lava is just…nice

You really outta warn spoilers like that…

If you look carefully, Planescape sucked hardcore in the fighting department (Only four kind of weapons, just three clases, was mostly MEANT to be played by a mage, etc) but the gameplay, characters, scrip, enviroment and history where SO DAMN GOOD that nobody really cared about the rest. For exaple, horribly long texts like The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon or Candrian Ilborne’s lesson on the planes somehow became really interesting.

Not really sure about the whole meant to be a mage thing… if I recall, mages were hard to use at the start of the game, but became much more powerful the further along you went, while the opposite was true for fighters…

Anyway, Planescape was an example of how a good story and environment can really enhance a game. From your on-the street NPC to major story characters… everybody had a mystery, or a personality.

Yeah, my favorites where Dak’Kon and Morte. The best mysterious and the best comical characters I’ve ever seen. And mages where the best class possible, once you get stuff like Bladestorm, Cloud Kill and Abyss Fury.

What I meant is that to get the best stuff, conversations and information in the game you needed to be smart, wise and charismatic (Skill points that you can’t afford to waste with Fighters and Thieves, except if you do the Sigil Sewers training). For example, the conversation with Ravel or The Transcendental One (Jeez, that one must have taken them a whole lunch hour to come up with ^_^).

Actually, I never thought of Charisma as that important… put some points in, but don’t really max points in… besides, there are plenty of Charisma bumping tattoos, and the friends spell.

And was wisdom really all that important for the classes? I think intelligence mattered in spells learned and maximum memorized. Wisdom helped in converstaions and lore, and gave a bonus to XP earned when raised… it also common in tattoos.

Intelligence, though… I have to agree with you there. That does give mages an edge in discussions.

I do Agree, about the whole Fighting and such sucking (And thanks to the whole +1 ability point per level, one of my friends would only be a rogue…i mean thief

I would love to see a 3e version of the game…Woudl be interesting

ye, morte is probably the funniest character i ever seen on a RPG, but the coolest has to be Vhailor, ROXOR!!!

i was to deep into pt’s storyline to notice it’s lacks in the fighting department :slight_smile: