Results are in... and the newest control member is......

ok… I formatted my hard drive, but I lost all the e-mails that were sent to me. I still remember who won, but if you applied, please say so else I’ll forget who applied.

Odds are 3 to 1 its a female.

well, you got a point, since for about every 3 females who entered, one male did.

Sometime this weekend GW13 should be out. Now that my PC is running faster again. Note to self this time. Don’t install crap you’re only gonna use once.

I have a feeling that, in GW13, someone will ask something about the new Control member, and you’ll say, “Sore wa Himitsu Desu.”

Edit: Oh yeah, and I applied too.

Orak: Don’t forget that I entered. Okay? sees Orakio’s already trying to forget Uhh…never mind.

nope… I didn’t forget D or MBG…

Me entered too! in a childish voice:smiley:

As did I…but like I told Orak, I’d be just as happy with teh cameo. :slight_smile:

As long as I can stab, I’m happy.

I applied as well, but I misunderstood and re-sent the email. My apologies.

I entered as well.

I entered. Orak, you must have forgoten to send me my conformation of my winning. Please resend it. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
As did I…but like I told Orak, I’d be just as happy with teh cameo. :slight_smile:

Same here.

I applied too :slight_smile:

Just so those who apply know, this is the list of people who have applied.

D Galloway
GG Crono
PC Glenton
Seraphim Ephyon

I’m working on Get Wise 14 right now, but I need sprites from GG Crono, PC Glenton, and Wizardmaster.

Also, if you entered but do not see your name on this list, please post here. And if you did send your sprite, please send it again, because I do not have it.

Sorry for the inconvience everybody.

I wont be able to get you a sprite. I could tell you how to make it though.

yeah, I can probably make one… send me an e-mail of what you’d like to have in it and I’ll get on it ASAP

Actually, just did it. In your email now.

ok, that’s cool… I prefer them facing the side, but I can get it…


I sent my sprite sheet as an attachment on the e-mail…

If you don’t get it, do you want me to post them here?

You can just make one of him facing the side, just use the same color scheme. and remember, NO PONY TAIL!

(Its Edgar if you cant tell)

PC: got it
Wiz: got it.