Rest in Peace Ronald Reagan

Sad news is coming in that former actor turned president Ronald Reagan has passed away. No internet site has updated their page to list this, but I will edit in links later on tonight. Please don’t make this thread political, just pay your wishes to the man who got us out of the Cold War. :too bad;,2933,121883,00.html

It’s definitely a shame that he had Alzheimer’s. Best wishes to his soul as it journeys toward whatever it believes in.

As much as I think he was over rated and I disliked some his politics, Alzheimer’s is a nasty thing. RIP.

I just saw it on TV. Its really sad. :too bad;

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RIP Ronald Regan, you will be missed :wave:

May he rest in peace.
Or whatever he would have liked.

RIP Mr. Reagan. It’s morning in America. =)

He’s been dead for years.

Reagan didn’t get us out of the Cold War, and there’s little good that I could say about him. But he was a human being, so he and his family are entitled to some decorum over his death.

Got us out of the cold war, he did

No he didn’t. He fell for his own bait as he uselessly built up nuclear weapons stockpiles the Russians already thought we had.

He gave sf authors a crack at the future that they didn’t have before and haven’t had since.

Sure, it didn’t pan out, but even so…

And we can console ourselves with having Star Trek-style whooshy doors in front of our supermarkets.

Ronald Reagan’s aggressive stance towards the USSR helped contribute to its downfall, but it isn’t the sole or even most important reason why the Soviet Union collapsed. It also did much harm to our own economy, putting us on a path that is quite different from our history as our national debt was tripled during his presidency. No other president has experienced such a polarized opinion of his policies.

He helped bring the Berlin Wall, and as much as I disagree with many of his policies, it’s a tragedy to lose him.

Far from it. The Soviet Union was collapsing due to tensions from within the Communist Party, and the stagnation that resulted from Brezhnev’s rule, which caused people to side overwhelmingly with the “reformers.” This was a completely internal process that the West was largely unaware of.

Well, I disagreed with many (“many” being "all) of his policies, but you had to admit he could work up the people. It’s sad to see a person with such good intentions – and abilities – go.

Woohoo! One down… nine more to go!

EDIT: But seriously… it’s a shame that he died… especially by Alzheimer’s… ouch. Poor guy… poor guy’s family, moreso. =|

I posted about this in another thread, but we didn’t even see the fall of the USSR coming. Not even remotely. So we probably didn’t know what was going on over there, or why the USSR did fall.

I think we won the most important victory of the Cold War in 1962? with the Cuban Missile Crisis, and that the Soviet Union had been on the decline ever since that point.

May He Rest in Peace