Resident Evil Outbreak

I know it is an old game, but I never finished it before I went to another game…and I call myself a gamer.I can’t get past the part on the Apple Inn level, I found the RED JEWEL, USED the GOLD KEY, used the SILVER KEY, swiched ON all of the paintings, Watched RADIO CALL, USED SECURITY ROOM CARD, pushed the crate in on the owner’s room, found all documents on floors 1,2,and3, not including the bust, or any place connected to the emergency ladder on the 2nd floor that I activated the supply to(but I could not find the ladder itsef). :hyperven: I can’t help my run-on-sentances. I did not find the way to get into the Apple Inn lobby(which means I dont have items or documents from there, so dont say stupid stuff) and i tried to put the jewel in the bust in the security room.My badic question is given my current status, What is the next step?(I did not give you all of that information for nothing.