Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry 3, Onimusha 3 headed to PC

According to Capcom Europe, the three titles are headed to PC in the US and Europe. Also according to Capcom Europe, Capcom “[doesn’t] have much experience with modern PCs” and is leaving the publishing to someone else. That statement leads me to believe that the port may be handled by someone else as well.

<A HREF=“”>Ubi Soft is handling the publishing honors</A>, currently unknown who’s porting the games, or if Ubi or Capcom is doing it themselves. Gamestop’s pinning an arbitrary May release on RE4, April for DMC3 (special edition, no less), and March for Onimusha. All games are set to retail for $19.99.

I’m not sure about PC ports of DMC3 or Onimusha 3, but RE4 on PC would be silky and smooth. I’ll be buying a third copy of the game.

Why do that? Onimusha sucked anyways.

So not true, I liked it alot. Well, I spend more time on the computer than on my PS2, whick is barely anything to begin with so I’ll look foward to seeing them on PC. Although gameplay will downsize due to a keyboard and mouse.

So much for that.
Goddamn motherfucking Starforce.

Pick up an Xbox 360 controller; they work in Windows XP.

The one problem I’ve had with the Xbox 360 controller on my PC is that certain games and emulators won’t recognize the d-pad or sometimes one of the analogs no matter how you configure them.

That’s due to the fact that Microsoft (in their infinite wisdom) mapped the D-Pad as if it were a point of view hat, and the left and right triggers as if they were a Z axis on the left analog. I’ve already written and called them on the issue. We can only hope that someone (including Microsoft themselves) writes a better driver for the device.