Resetting Uncontrollably..

OK, I have a Annoying Problem with my PC… It resets itself every time I try to play vidoes…

Windows XP SP2 Chash Analisis tell me it’s my gaphic Cards (I have 2: Motherboard one (I haven’t seem it on the propertires, or it could be turned of) and 3d one (I’m acctually unsure of what it achutally is, I think NVidia GeForce 2) that I’m using for Games. I Have the Latest Drivers installed that Win Auto detect surgests.

I don’t have much money for my PC left… since being forced Buying 256 SD-Ram to run at all.

I’ve not installed Many games… so All I can tell you Warcraft 3 works and Visual Gba and snes9x works fine.

Dude, no offense, but like spell check.

Check to see how it routes the stuff around. And also, try disableing the motherboard one. I havnt had to do that with a vid card yet, but i have to do it sometimes with sound cards.

Usually the motherboard one is disabled when another card is being used, as to not sap power. At least that’s how it is with my motherboard.
How many watts does your powersupply put out, BN?

The Motherboard is Disabled… I can’t find it on the system properties… And It is all second hand…