Rescue Princess Pam Anderson from the evil KFC!


PETA has a huge rip-off of Super Mario Brothers on their anti-KFC site.

It even features Mario and Luigi (suffering from Wii injuries…) and Toad in the opening…


Oh PETA, what hijinxes will you be behind next?

Yay copyright infringement. Also, bitch back up off my chicken. >=(

Peta is bollocks. They’ve done more damage to flora and fauna than they’ve done good. Everyone with a sane mind agrees that animals ought to be treated well, but releasing them into environments where they do not belong is not a way to treat them well, it’s a cruelty both against the animals that are released and only moreso against the animals and plants where they are released. Peta doesn’t deserve the acronym PETA. Let’s call them PAFF ( People Against Flora and Fauna. )

Sue them silly Nintendo!

I played a few levels. Apparently PETA thinks that KFC should give chickens anesthetics before slicing their throats.

PETA is quite possibly the most disgusting “activist” organization in existance. Not only do they use fuzzy logic and bullying tactics to gain what they want, but they don’t practice the insane methods that they preach. Their vice president is a diabetic, and uses insulin after they had condemned diabetics for using it because it derived from animal products. They claim to be against euthanasia, and yet they practice it themselves. Furthermore, they support the actions of terrorist organizations such as the ALF. They’ve compared the methods that farmers use to contain animals to the Holocaust, and called fathers that fish and hunt murderers. PETA may have started as a good cause, but it gives vegitarians and vegans a bad name. It makes me somewhat proud to eat meat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, I’m leery of any organization that actively uses fear tactics and propaganda on children.

That game is easily the most hilarious thing I’ve played in the past few months. The cutscenes between levels are pure gold. Mario getting beat half to death by “People for the Ethical Treatment of Turtles” for his Koopa abuse? Yoshi forsaking Mario due to Mario’s years of riding him? Awesome… awesome to the max.

Well now I feel like some goddamned hot wings.

Insulin used to be from animals but now you can purify it from bacteria. It was however derived from animal research.

You know, I honestly do try to give PETA the benefit of the doubt, and assume they’re not really all a bunch of morons. But… well, this is just plain hard to justify.

You really shouldn’t, VE. If PETA had their way, not only would science grind to a halt, but we would have less choice within our own lives. Of course, we’d also be overrun with herd animals, thereby making it difficult for us to live on a vegetable only diet. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that PETA getting their way would lead to the extinction of the human race.

Also: no Jell-O.

Who’d want to rescue Pamela Anderson (do people really call her Pam Anderson? Ew)?

Would you rather call her Spam Anderson?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No need to be aggressive, there!

PETA has successively proven that they have no standards or morals whatsoever. Presenting themselves as moral arbiters is ridiculous beyond belief.

I don’t like PETA. I can’t take them seriously. In fact, every time I hear about PETA, I always think about the episode of South Park that makes fun of PETA.

IIRC some higher ups in the organization have called for the eventual “phasing out” of the human race

Uh-huh. Sure. And if we do manage to go extinct by accident or design, the PETA’s totally gonna have anything directly to do with it. Right.