Requiem For A Dream music

what do you think has been its best usage(other than in the actual movie)
I would have to say the fake The Hobbit trailer because it was the first time I heard it

Lil John used it in a song with Pastor Troy called “Throw it Up”. That’s a crunk fucking song right there.

I think it’s ridiculous that a soundtrack for one movie was used for other things such as another movie’s trailer. With that said, I thought the soundtrack was very good.

good? its THE greatest piece of music in history and I challenge you to name another piece of music more heavy hitting than the Requiem For A Dream.

yes it is ridiculous that they play it in action movie trailers and not in the movie itself, they should play it in another heavey drama

Ha ha, wow. Talk about subjective.

Another musical piece from a movie that they use all the time for other stuff is the music from American Beauty. I hear that pop up all over the place.

where else has American Beauty music been used?

I disagree with your last comment. I don’t think movie soundtracks should go anywhere beyond the movie they were made for, exceptions being satires of the original movie. I think it’s a waste if they just keep rehashing the same old soundtrack for each movie, even though it’s just for trailers, no matter how good it is.

And your first comment… well I disagree with it being the greatest piece of music in history. I think it’s a little hard to say something like that without considering the rest of the music in the world.

I agree. I still can’t understand why The Rock soundtrack was used in FFX. Just because it set an awesome mood for that movie doesn’t mean it would have done the same for the game.

What? I call major bullshit, and probably the first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to the “Greatest Piece of Music in Musical History” is Mozart’s Requiem. Give that a listen and come back and tell me about “heavy hitting”.

I have heard Mozarts Requiem(I love heavey classical) and while it is verey good it has nothing on Summer Overture

And why is that?

why is what?

Why do you make that claim? In what way does Mozart’s Requiem “have nothing on” the Summer Overture?

dude, when you try to argue something, have statements to back up your point as opposed to just plain old saying something. yes, opinions are cool, but if you have no idea why you seem have these opinions why do you bother @_@

have you actually listened to the entire Requiem for a Dream soundtrack?


No, it’s definately not on FFVIII.

Personally I have heard the entirety of the “Requiem for a Dream” soundtrack, and while it does have some extremely moving, or as you say “heavy hitting” elements, that in no way is a reason to call it the heaviest hitting song ever. I can think of hundreds of drum and bass songs that have lower, faster heavier feelings, as well as several hundred hardcore metal and martial rock songs that are lower, heavier, and harder than said soundtrack. Now of course, as shinobi stated, “opinions are cool” and if you see that soundtrack as the most heavy hitting ever, then that is your opinion, (personally, I favor uematsu’s one winged angel or maybe prokofiev’s second movement of romeo and juliet) not an arguable fact or even theory.

to compare Requiem for a Dream to heavey metal:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: is insane

Yes, I have, and I maintain my statement. I wouldn’t really argue with it if I hadn’t.