Request songs to be remixed!

OCReMix is currently hosting a remixing challenge, and they are surprisingly short on requests.

This is your chance to get your favorite underremixed video game song some attention! Anyone can request a song or two, just link a midi of it and the original soundtrack if at all possible.

C’mon guise it’ll be fun ;_;

I would love to see more people cover Willow.

Then again, pretty much satisfies my new-renditioned game music taste buds.

That, and good ol is back up and operational.

But still, more Willow. Anything from it.

Fascinating. As an avid fan of game remixes, I had to check this out. I threw in my own request for a remix of the final stage BGM of Wai Wai World for the NES.

I’m surprised at the lack of love Ducktales has received. That game at least has the awesome Moon track and if I’m not to mistaken Transylvania’s and the Himalaya’s tracks were also decent too.


We have vgmix people in this too, this isn’t an OCR exclusive thing.

In fact if you dabble with mixing as well, you are welcome to join in late :wink: i’ll pull some strings

I make music with no live instruments or fancy programs. All I have is good ol’ rusty trusty crusty modplug.

And a hacked Cool Edit Pro 2K.

You mean all this lack of love?

There were a couple more as well that got removed in the various lockdowns - and for good reason IMO.

Also, hey Starla, long time no see! It’s funny, today I got reminded of Pulirula and was reminded of you, since you introduced me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The world needs more Kenji Ito. Kenji Ito is made of win.

I’d like to make the point that I REALLY fucking hate all these stupid websites that ask you to log in and its fucking impossible to register.

Originally Posted by Kero Hazel
You mean all this lack of love?

Unfortunately I missed it when I went looking the first time around. Still a good song though.

Btw are there any Y’s remixes since my search also failed to uncover much in results. And I guess to be specific the opening to II would be a good one.

No Ys II remixes, sadly. There might be some on VGMix, but I don’t frequent that site much. There is one Ys I remix ( and there used to be another called “Beat of Terror”. You can download that one on this site:

EDIT: I <3 I pulled up a copy of VGMix2’s song list, and found a good half dozen Ys remixes. Unfortunately since VGMix still has yet to re-upload their VGMix2-era songs, you’ll have to do some searching to get them. Anyway, here’s the song list:

  • Mind your Ys and FFMQs
  • Port of Barbado
  • Labyrinth of Mirrors
  • Tension on Darm Tower
  • Theme and Variations on Apathetic Story
  • Palace of Salmon (piano solo)

A high distortion speed metal cover of FFV Gilgamesh. I’m tired of listening to weak, synthy, artistic interpretations of it. I want someone to make the song what it was originally meant to be, had the SNES not been so limited.

Yes, that means a full speed electric guitar intro.

I know I’m demanding, but it’s just so OBVIOUS to me. I don’t know how SSH hasn’t done it yet, but I’m still waiting for someone to do this song justice.

I supposed I have to register and request on that other forum, right? Which means this is not happening :frowning:

LTNS indeed. I saw you posting on the ormgas-shutting-down-thread ;_;

I TOTALLY support Hades’ request for a proper Gilgamesh remix, ala SSH. None of this shit like I’ve heard so often. Even the Black Mages’ remix was bad.

And Starla, thanks for posting this thread. I got access to a few things I didn’t expect, like the monthly contests they had vgmix and found some nice stuff.

A guy by the name of Zyko did two renditions of it long ago, they were pretty harsh. I’ll try to find a link or send it ya’lls way eventually.