Request for graphic artist

Ok, here’s the deal, myself and one other programmer are currently planning to make a strategy/rpg (think Bahamut Lagoon) in order to graduate for our Game Design course.

Trouble is, all graphic artists are currently taken by other teams. Our teacher told us that getting someone online is a good alternative, so basically, we need someone who can do original sprites, and possibly animations for them (optional).

Those interested email me with an example of what you are capable of doing. What you’ll be getting out of this will be credit as well as having your art being viewed by many people. We’ll take all the art we can get. We (myself & my partner) appreaciate your interest in advance.

Remember, we’re students, and we HAVE to make this. We’re not just some yahoos that are gonna pick up this project and quit just because we got bored of it. If we don’t make this game, we don’t graduate.

More info:

We’re going to use C++ to make our own engine.
We know we won’t be making money off of this, so we’ll most likely just give it away online to make a name for ourselves.

---------------------- Project plan----------------------------------------------

We’re going through the early design and paperwork stage right now, which will slow down alot during the summer, but pick up again during the fall. Come Christmas vacation, we’ll have a prototype. (alpha version)

The beta Version is due sometime in February.

The final game is due in June. So, if you let us use your art, we’ll be giving this game away as a free download a year from now.
Where? We haven’t figured that part out yet.

Thank you.

If I were you, I’d go talk to Hiei. Off the top of my head, he seems most capable.

Sounds like an interesting project, shame I can’t draw for shit. Well I’m, sure you (and your partner) will find someone in no time.

Anyway could you give us a quick idea of what your game is gonna be like, 'cause like I said it sounds like it could be interesting!!:smiley: