Reputable Studen Loan Companies

So, yeah, I’m shopping around for a student loan to pay for college and I really have no idea as to which is a good place and which isn’t. Or, in the case of Sallie Mae, which isn’t going to send armed thugs to my home in 4 years to collect their money. =/

Any help fellas?

Well I use Sallie Mae so I don’t know of any other ones off hand. Make sure you fill out your FASFA and hope for free money or at some least Stafford loans.

You can usually work it out through your school’s financial office. Call them up and they’ll give you all the info you need.

There is an on-going scandal over that last suggestion.

Be reasonably sure you can pay it off.

The… government?



I use AES, and they’re such a nice company they called me at 6:30 on a friday night to remind me i’m about to start repayment :cool: