Republican take on Farenheit 9/11

Well, we dislike Bush and his administration because of well-researched and well-thought reasons. Does this satisfy you?

I’m not saying that uninformed Democrats don’t exist, I’m just saying they’re a rare breed in Texas (though you’re right, they’re far less rare the closer you are to a college, for some unknown reason). What I am saying is that you’re kinda stupid if you swing either way without knowledge of both your own party, and your opponent’s party. That’s the only way you can make an informed decision. I’m just sick of people bashing Democrats (or all liberals) simply because “they’re liberal” with no argument to back it up. Similarly, I’m sick of hearing people bash Republicans (or all conservatives) simply because “they’re conservative” with no argument to back it up. I just think that any political argument needs some facts or statistics to back it up, or at the very least a strong opinion. The reason I pointed out those bullets from that editorial, was because he backed them up with no facts, or a weak loosely defined opinion.