Republican take on Farenheit 9/11

I mentioned it in another thread, but going back and reading it makes me remember how much it angered me to hear <A HREF=“”>Joe Scarborough</A> bash Farenheit 9/11 for no good reason. Well, I went to his website and found <A HREF=“”>exactly what he claims is wrong with the movie</A>. I thought I’d take a chance to retort (not that he’d read this), and give you guys a chance to pick these apart as well.

Okay, so that was a little misleading. Bush let the bin Laden family skip out of town while MOST Americans were grounded; as much as 95% of Americans. Totally misrepresented there.

As stated in that other post, it wasn’t stated that “Bush cares more about Saudi Arabia than America.” It was <B><I>asked</I></B> that <B><I>maybe</I></B> Bush <B><I>could</I></B> think first about the Saudi royal families interests rather than America’s interest because they <B><I>did</I></B> funnel $1.4 billion to Bush family assets. And that’s not that crazy of a claim to make. Basically, Moore’s saying that Bush is a human being, and not SUPER PRESIDENT!!! ANYONE would think twice before hurting an old family friend, especially one that helped you so much that you earned $1.4 billion. But because, according to conservatives, Bush is in fact SUPER PRESIDENT, he obviously wouldn’t think twice about hurting old friends and financial accomplices for the benefit of this country, most of whom he’s never met. I’m not saying that he really does think about America second, I’m just saying that Moore never said that he did, and that it’s fully possible that he could, even rational to believe so. As for the bin Laden’s helping fund GW’s first company, that much is indirectly true, as stated in the film. Moore never said “OSAMA BIN LADEN GAVE GEORGE W. LOTS OF MONEYS!!!” He said that the bin Laden’s (the family, not Osama himself) trusted their American investments in a man that George W. Bush was discharged with, and he in turn invested in his friend. Therefore, indirectly, the bin Laden’s invested in George W. Bush.

America didn’t invade Afghanistan to kick out the Taliban. They invaded to hunt down Osama bin Laden. The Taliban wasn’t the interest until we got there. And, having seen the movie, I don’t remember them saying that they invaded to put in a pipeline. I remember them saying that they had planned to, and ended up doing it afterward. It was IMPLIED (not stated) that that may have been an alterior motive, but the film made it pretty clear that they went there after Osama bin Laden. And as for the Taliban? The movie stated that MOST of them got away.

Umm… what do I need to contest here? Yes, the movie said all of this. Yes, it’s all true. The White House DID use 9/11 to scare Americans into believing that there was a bigger threat to this country than there was (and continues to do so). The White House DID use 9/11 to scare congress into passing the USA Patriot Act. The White House DID dream up the USA Patriot Act before 9/11, but couldn’t get it passed until afterward. Kudos! You broke the code!

Did that movie say that? I don’t remember. I was pretty emotionally unstable by then, realizing how much the war was hurting people both in Iraq and in the United States. What I DO remember though, is why we DID go to war. To find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). Since then, a report has come out stating that there were none. Also since then, the Bush Administration has pretended that they never said anything about WMDs, despite evidence to the contrary. Then, the administration said that we were there to end a terrorist regime. Well, that’s great. Why? Why don’t we end EVERY terrorist regime? Cuba? Libya? North Korea? Let’s do it! Don’t stop the war train now, just because we avenged the President’s father! If we’re after getting rid of Despots and Dictators, let’s just scour the globe with our cleansing warfare!

Let’s talk serious now. We attacked a country who posed no threat to us. Then, we forced them to start a new form of government that the people may or may not have wanted. And who did we choose to head this new government? Iraqi people… who’s been in America for years! Yay!

I’m sorry, but you can’t argue that the war in Iraq was for a good reason at this point. Too many people have died, and there’s still warfare in the streets. I’d say that, even under Hussein’s dictatorship, probably less than 1% of the people who’ve died in the last year would have died in Iraq, and there’d be far less homeless and without family over there. That’s a hard thing to argue.

Problem is, everybody knows that, but a few ultraconservative religious groups who are too sheltered to believe that the real world is real, and they refuse to acknowledge it; other institutions support Bush because they like war profits (Lockheed is a good example); and finally there is the coward, not-so-intelligent mass who doesn’t care about the corruption in Bush’s system, as long as someone says they are currently safe.

How do you deal with these people?

Those people I’m not as worried about, because nothing will change their minds. I’m more worried about the people without an agenda, who simply believe in the conservative way of life because they think that it’s good and pure.

Joe Scarborough posts in our forums? Welcome aboard!

What your leaving out Saturn, is that true the deaths have been pretty high, just imagine the kind of slaughter fest that could happen with Iraq governing itself. They’re trying to set up a government of ‘equal’ representation with a minority boasting far more proportional power then the majority.

Dude, we need bill o’reilly and a few other fox guys to post here. It’d be great.

waits for expectant SK humorous-impersonation-post

Actually, no it wouldn’t. I don’t like feeling small, and that’s what they’d do because I can guarantee you that besides a few people here, they could talk most of us into the ground.

Alright? Alright.

Nah man, it’d be great. There’s only so much you can say dealing with the actual subject before you go off on a tangeant, or attack points that are not there. That appears to be what this Scarborough fellow is doing.

The Religious and Conservative Right is good at Doublethink!
Or at least Joe Scarborough is.

So it is okay to govern other country for their peoples? “Hello, we are from USA, and now we will be obliterating your current government and installing our own. Don’t worry, this is for your own sake.”

Besides, if you count the deaths that are happening since resistance began, you’ll see that Saddam’s ruling killed way less people in the same amount of time. Comparing Saddam to US is like comparing a bullet to a missile in terms of slaughter.

Before you try to put words in my mouth ask, I dont like it. I actually supported the ruling of saddam, so shove it there. Second of all, hes gone, so US is the best option Iraq has at the moment.

who simply believe in the conservative way of life because they think that it’s good and pure.

That is exactly how we feel about liberals

You think liberals are good and pure? Dude, we’re pot smoking hippies remember?

Not all of us are. And you can’t say that someone believes the way they do for no reason when they back it up with facts. I’m not bashing the members of congress who are republican, or even the republican administration. I’m bashing the countless out there who are republican because they don’t know what republicans stand for, but they heard that liberals were evil. Growing up in Texas, I’ve never met a democrat who was a democrat because they heard republicans were evil, but that’s probably because republicans are the overwhelming majority.

Sat, I feel the same way about those who vote red without actually exploring the other parties’ programs. Like, say, the rest of my family.

Yellow Dog Democrats do exist, Sat. But, like you said, you probably haven’t met any because you live in Texas. Had you been alive 30 years ago, you would’ve met some.

In Massachusetts there are a bunch of people who are Democrats just because they’ve heard that the Republican party is evil. While arguably they have a better case (I’m more liberal though, heh), it’s still kind of the same sort of thing, and I really don’t like hanging out with these people cause they basically just bash the Republican party without really knowing what they’re talking about, thus making the left look silly and stupid.

There are definitely idiots in both camps I guess, heh. I dunno if there are more idiot conservatives or more idiot liberals, but I guess it just depends on where you grew up.

Dude, we’re pot smoking hippies remember?


I’m a pot smoker and a republican. Whats your point? Or are you just being ignorant?


Growing up in Texas, I’ve never met a democrat who was a democrat because they heard republicans were evil

No way dude, I have run into countless liberal democrats that hate Bush and republicans just because it’s the “cool” and “smart” bandwagon.

The colleges here are FULL of liberal democrats.

No, they all are! Really! We never said WMDs were in Iraq. Eastasia is the enemy, Eurasia was always our friend! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!!!