Who else is looking forward to the movie version of this?
I’m not sure if I should find a way to see the broadway version (If there are any videos of that on the internet), or wait to see it for my first time in that movie.
In any case, just look at my sig D:

I fucking hate musicals. I think they’re the most retarded piece of entertainment known to man.

I don’t know how, but somehow I knew you’d say that the second I clicked on the thread.

I would say most of the time you are correct. It’s an insipid form of entertainment… with notable exceptions. Chicago is certainly one of them. I don’t know about Rent… I’ve heard very, VERY mixed things about it.


… no, wait, I’m thinking of “Lease” …

wow, i agree with sinistral about something.

…“Not just HIV, but full blown AIDS…”

I love musicals, I find them to be very entertaining.

I really like the music I’ve found for it…
Shin, I can’t tell if you’re being an ass or are serious =

I love them. I love this musical. Kthx.

I saw it off broadway here in philly and was totally unimpressed. Thats not to say that i don’t like musicals, i just found to be wayyyy overhyped.

I’m suprised they’re bothering to even make a movie out of this, as i doubt there is much blood left in the stone. I mean seriously, they’ve been milking this stupid show since the early 90s, let it die.

I was in a production of it once. I loved every bit of it.

The movie is done with the original cast of the broadway production, the one that won a ton of tony awards and various other musical awards. I’m fucking psyched, I’ve never seen it either.

Sorc and Rent? Who’da thunk it?

Most people who have been here for a while know of my fondness of musicals.

Actually, I never knew a bit of you liking musicals. I’m quite happy to hear that :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree with you there, although I like “Jesus Christ Superstar” or whatever it’s called. Purely for humour value, if anything.

I hate most musicals, but some are actually quite good. I like ones that are more focused on the vocal aspect rather than the music itself, with lots of acapella.
My school did les miserables one year, and though the music was prevalent, they didn’t try to overdo it, having only two keyboardists as their ‘musical department’.

I like most musicals, I don’t think I’ve seen one that I didn’t like; both movies and stage performances are great. Then again, I go to a lot of Broadway/Travelling Broadway shows, so I usually see top notch performances.

lolz i htae all msuicals i cna mkae generalizaionts im harcore lolz!11!11!!!1!!

((EDIT: There was an Arac is Tired of people being full of shit rant here, but he removed it for the Good of the Whole.))

Anyway, I’m going to see this with my Girlfriend when it comes out. I didn’t see the broadway one, either, but from what I hear, it’s good.