Allow users , particularly admins and mods, to send you pms or emails or I WILL ban you. You have 24 hours.

Or just Force-Change his settings.

Its not my job to force change people’s settings. Also, this serves as a reminder for anyone else who might have that featured turned off.

I do have those features enabled. It just happens that yesterday I changed my email in the settings (the one I had configured there before no longer exists), and I still haven’t got the confirmation email on my new address. It’s been some 12 hours since I changed the address there, should I try changing it to another one so I get the confirmation email already, or can you guys fix i?

edit: I can seen my private messages again now (Still haven’t got that email though).

edit again: I got the verification email, it was in my spam box. Just marked the domain as safe, won’t happen again.

Wait, you mean you CAN block PMs from Administrators? (I forget, it’s been so long since I joined. Or was it changed later?) In fact, WHY have such an option in the first place? Can’t you disable it for everyone?

You should’ve sent this by PMs, Sin.


Also you should have filled out the new form

I know :(. I fail.

Yeah, it locks emails and pms for user waiting email verification, I switched your account settings back to functional.

That feature doesn’t block from admins only, it blocks everyone, that way someone who tries to make an account with a false email can’t spam people via PMs.


someone owes someone an apology! :stuck_out_tongue: