Remember the coolest April's Fool ever?

It’s on Newgrounds, now. Look at it again with subtitles, so you know what the hell Novvy is saying, now!

Man, I don’t think anyone actually wants to know what a Novice is saying. >>
Just because after playing for two years, nearly everything a Novice says makes me want to wash my eyes out with bullets.

“I won the internet!”

Why did he kill Bill Nye? What does he have to do with the internet? If i was a girl (maybe even if i wasn’t) and i had a chance to, id SO do Bill Nye (the science guy).

Cuz it was a boss battle, duh! :3

Damn man, i STILL think you’re a chick :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, Trev-Mun did this? I had no idea, no wonder you liked it so much. :stuck_out_tongue:

The guy that made that flash clearly has penis envy when it comes to Bill Nye.

Teh Bhest !!! Sports Coaster!!!

Well, one thing You don’t realise is that Nutter actutally speaks like Novvy, It amazing that his typing is standard English!!

Who IS Bill Nye? He’s obviously fucking awesome, if his themesong is any indication.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy. BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY! Does a learning show on pbs and possibly still CBS early saturday mornings. HE MAKES LEARNING FUN!!!

Yeah, a girl pretending to be a guy. We sure have ALOT of those here.

Last night I had me a dream, son, < /Living End> where I was at Wrestlemania, and Bill Nye was there as a surprise appearance, and he came down to the ring with his theme song and stuff. I forget what happened after that.

We watch Bill Nye sometimes in Chemistry. It makes all of our other videos stupid and boring.

I prefere BRAINIAC (UK Sky One), known for Jon Tickle, Pub Science and Blowing up Stuff, like Caravans. And Answer important questions such as “What Items to aviod on the office if it goes under water?” and “Is it better to be fat or thin?”


Quite frankly, with that setup it dosen’t matter what came next. Bill Nye make a suprise apearance in Wreslemania is enough to make any dream. Anything else ould just make it lame.