Remember the 213 things Skippy isn't allowed to do in the military?

The 213 things Albedo Piasora (Of Xenosaga) is not Allowed To Do. Period.

It’s funnier if you’ve played the game, but even if you didn’t, it’s hilarious.

These are great! Thanks, Zero!

Awesome. I’d like to see this for other nutjobs, like Ramsus and Id:

“Murdering a whole race is not a good way to make friends (Now you tell me!)” :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, just finished reading it, pretty funny.

  1. Not allowed to fantasize about Shion Uzuki around other telepaths.

The best one.

Goodies! :ulty:

funny, funny, funny…

  1. Not allowed to sing Margaritaville.
  2. Ever.
  3. Not allowed to have the Kirschwassers sing Margaritaville.
  4. Ever.

Why not? Not Ever"in Margaritaville…"

  1. I am not the Man in Black.

Am Too!

  1. “All your base are belong to us” is not appropriate in official correspondence.

That’s getting a little old, but here, it’s still hilarious.

  1. Put that down right this instant.

How does he know?

  1. I am not a ninja–“flipping out and killing people” is not a natural response to any given stimulus.

I saw a T-shirt that said this.

snickers Those were funny.

That’s completely and utterly awsome!