Remember that guy that plays the Mario themes on the piano?

He’s back, and packin Zelda

Holy shit, he is good.

Thanks for posting this. Very cool.


Weee. Less boring than Charlemagne!

Well, its more interesting than sex with Nulani

zelda still has the best themes ever


jaw on floor

:moogle: yeah thats neat and all but lets see him do with his toes.

Man, that guy rocks! :o

<img src=“”> That was pretty good, even through I think he should used some tracks from Legend of Zelda 2 (mainly the palace themes). Say, where is the link to the Mario version, as I never heard that before.

I was disappointed with the lack of Zelda 2 themes. And while the little OoT ditties weren’t bad, ending it with several in a row seemed a bit anticlimactic. But for what it did have, it was pretty damn good. 8/10.

Charl, we banned you for trolling multiple times and I promise you we’ll do it again if you keep it up.

Wow that’s some classy playing. He’s also really good.

You call your shag-doll Nulani?

That was indeed a very enjoyable performance. Kudos to the player (whoever he might really be.) And thanks to Zero for posting it. :cool: