Remember Fallujah?

Well, here’s an account of what it is like there now.,2763,1387460,00.html

Could anyone who’s in England tell us what the report is like when it is played the night of the 11th?

The last point about how the insurgents redistributed is exactly what I thought had happened. However, I thought most of it had occured prior to the attack, not 9 days after it had started. Nevertheless, the redistribution is the same. I think the point about the shia suppression of sunnis is a particularly salient one. It makes me imagine a hated invader (let’s say France in this case for context) using the Irish to “suppress” a prominent English city at times where the Irish were in a more relative destitute state.

I would love to see this report… if Pierson, Urkani, or any other RPGCers that may be able to see this taped it, I’d be very happy :slight_smile:

Shit guys sorry, too late for me to have caught the report. I’ll try and find out if it repeats though.

so this is about rpg classics in falluja?

No. It’s about the U.S. Army creating more problems than what they had in the first place.

Don’t take it out on the Army (especially since the Army isn’t the only one over there or that even fought in Falluja). Besides, Bush and Blair are the one that pushed for the war, they are the ones responsible, not the military. The military is doing its job.

anyone who remembers fallujah is a communist!

but seriously, it sounds like I wasn’t far off the mark when I remarked to my friend on the day that the Iraqi ‘government’ ‘suspended’ their ‘constitution’ and ‘allowed’ the US to conduct its operation there that the area was being ethnically cleansed.

Sadly, there are parallels between Hitler’s Germany and Bush’s America.

umm, maybe between his America and Reagan’s America, but let’s not go that far GM.

I… didn’t mean to be quite as extreme as that probably came off, I apologize.

To explain what I meant a bit better, I’d say the America we live in today has parallels to the Germany of the early to mid-1930’s. I’m not implying the later Germany, which is hopefully too far extreme a distance from our country both politically and socially for us to ever arrive there.

And on a slightly twisted note, many people in the mid-1930’s originally praised Hitler for what a great job he did for Germany, including Winston Churchill, Mohandis Ghandi, and Roosevelt. So maybe Bush is just treading a delicate balance and can succeed where Hitler… didn’t do so well.

But I really don’t like where Bush is going with all his foreign policies or the overall treatment of muslim culture in America. How could anyone honestly say that holding people at Guantanamo Bay without trial, or Abu Gharib, or the media downplay of what’s going down in Iraq aren’t bad signs of where our country is headed?

It just frightens me that years down the road, when kids look back on History from this time period, a comparison between Germany and the US could very well be made.

It’s true that fascism has made gains in this country, not even in the form of Bush’s policies so much as in public discourse and our culture in general (right-wing radio, Fox, and so forth). The ideology of neoconservatism, which currently dominates American politics, can be described as fascist because it is extremely militaristic and nationalist; though its mainstream advocates claim to uphold “limited government,” they simultaneously advocate indiscriminate use of that same government against everyone and everything.