Remakes/rereleases you would like to see...

I want to see Startropics 1+2 for the GBA/DS. Those games never got half the recognition that they deserved.

I want to see Super Mario RPG rereleased, perhaps with a bonus dungeon or two. The latest generation needs to experiance this masterpiece.

And I want to see a new Bomberman game with full online play.

Xenogears. Metal Gear (NES/MSX)

Stuff I’d like to see with improved graphics (Like Wild Arms):
[li]Chrono Trigger
[/li][li]Dragon Quest I - VI
[/li][li]Lufia I
[/li][li]Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
[/li][li]Phantasy Star I & II

Stuff that I would play if they went trough some serious re-write:
[li]Breath of Fire I: The Brave Man of the Dragon
[/li][li]Breath of Fire II: The Child for the Mission
[/li][li]Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom

I have to agree with Seraph with:

Lufia 1-2
Chrono Trigger

And would like to add this in the list of remakes:
Rocket Knight Adventures
UN Squadron

Those would all be excellent for a graphic improved remake.

I always though the lufia games had a lot of potential for depth and character development for some reason. A remake I’d like to see has already been made but not translated and that’s DW4. I think 5 was re-released onto PS2. I wish Squeenix would release a DW compilation. That’d be neat.

DQ5 was released for PS2, but it’s not crossing any ponds from what I understood. =(

I’d also love to see a DQ compilation.

I really want to see a Lufia 2 revamp. Same songs, just re-orchestrated. Same storyline, different(updated) graphics. Same battle system.

I want a remake of Soul Reaver…with all the deleted plot content and areas. I mean, it was there to begin with. The deleted dialogue was all on the disc, along with a few deleted areas, glyphs, and reavers. There were in-game movies showing the death of Ariel and the final battle with Kain. Goddamn it, even the original ending was on there!

A graphical remake of Magic of Scheherazade.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a DW4 remake, perhaps a FFVII remake too. You know, with actually good graphics?

I still think that rpgs should be the ones remade with better graphics. The whole purpose of an rpg is to test your thinking and then watching beautiful graphics unfold. This means that to create a good rpg the graphics must not only be good, but they must be unique. Almost all rpgs have a spell where they shoot out a fire ball, but if you create something like surrounding an ally with a fireball that the ally uses to crush the enemy with a blazing kick (blaze kick from Chrono Trigger) is completely different.

Ok, A rerelease of SO2 in UK, I have just missed buying working copy. It is so rare until I saw one with my own eyes I thought SO2 was made in PAL format.

Big Nutter
They are so going to get the barrell scene from the Anime soon.

Man, that game rocks so hard!

But I’m not huge on remakes, generally. I’d rather companies concentrate on making new games. Graphics don’t really mean a lot to me, and I have most of the old systems still, so I can play all the old classics whenever I want anyway.

However, many people don’t really have the same luxury you have. I’m one of them. If FF6 hadn’t come out on the Playstation, I probably would have never played it, same with Chrono Trigger and FF5 and 4. Also, I’m more for games coming over on the SP, that didn’t come over on the SNES. Star Ocean NEEDS to cross the seas. Not a direct port, add some things in, I don’t want them to just bring it over…although I wouldn’t mind. Bahamut Lagoon could come over too, if they would simply help it get it’s act together. Something…really didn’t make me like that game as much as I should’ve could’ve been the whole thing I have against playing ROMs.

(A-am I sick, or is that thing in BN’s avatar, uh, that’s not just a stick is it?)

Nowadays, it’s super easy to get all the old classics on their original format. Hell, it’s almost always cheaper to by the original version, after the initial 20-30 dollar investment of actually buying the system, so I’d hardly consider owning a SNES or NES a “luxury”.

Hmm…well, I uh, didn’t think of it like that.

Don’t the games themselves cost a lot? Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star, Tales of Phantasia, so on and so forth? I already have an SNES, as long as my sis doesn’t mess it up while she’s at college.

Please Namco, we want more Dead to Rights and Airblade! Don’t give us this wonderful great wonderful game!

-Spinner B in The Whirlpool regarding his comments about the Tales of Phantasia GBA remake

While I don’t understand why SO1 never crossed the pond, I do know why ToP and Bahamut Lagoon didn’t: Pseudo-Mature Themes. Sure, nowadays with stuff like GTA, mild sexual comments are common, but back then, a seventeen-year-old slut or even an even remotely explicit addressing of the word sex were scandalous in a world dominated by yellow rats and communists plumbers. I’m guessing these companies are just thinking: “If we had a reason not to ship these things back then, then they probably still stand now”.

I wanna a rerelease of the N64 Zelda and Goemon games for teh DS.

Final Fantasy III (For the NES). Hell, they’ve remade every other FF, why not this one? And maybe Final Fantasy VI, to make it harder.

Shinryu - Uncharacteristically wishing for the Final Fantasy.