Religion and Fast Food

Unlike government, there’s no laws dictating that religion and business must be kept seperate (thus, why I can’t get <A HREF=“”>Chick-Fil-A</A> on Sundays… -_-), but today, while eating my Sourdough Jack, I noticed something that I’d never seen before; the <A HREF=“”>Jack in the Box</A> logo contains a <A HREF=“”>Jesus Fish</A> right in the logo! The word “BOX” doesn’t show up in the logo, just a “B” and a Jesus Fish! I hope this doesn’t mean that they’re gonna start closing on Sundays…

People’s Exhibit A:

<IMG SRC=“”>

<SMALL>(No, this thread isn’t serious. I’m just bored and, now, hungry again)</SMALL>


Ironically, I came to this revelation during my lunch break as I worked my job. PWNED!!

Darwin or Jesus?

Dinosaurs eat fish.


I prefer the <A HREF=“”>FSM</A> emblem, personally.

But Cthulhu could take out a Spaghetti Monster any day of the week.

In-N-Out has stuff written on the bottom of their cups and on their wrappers that say things like John: 16 and Robert: 35! :o But their food’s still good so it doesn’t matter.

Ironically, I spend my christmas in a Jack in the Box.
Now I feel all holy and pious.

Its a quote from the book of revelations about having a good meal.

I always wanted a Darwin fish :(. I need to find out where I can buy one. I love the Cthulu fish. That is so awesome. Where is that?

I WANT ONE! :smiley:

I got my Cthulhu fish at a local comic book store, and it currently emblazons (along with Star Fleet Academy Graduate) my father’s car.

Do you have a paypal account?

Yes, actually. Before I promise to send you one, though, I’ll have to see if Highlander has any in stock.
My dad is not losing his status as the only accountant with Cthulhu branded on his car.

Awesome. Send me a PM when you find out.

Send him a Star Fleet Academy Graduate one instead “on accident.”

I hate you.

The only good thing that came from that bumper sticker was a guy, with no sense of irony whatsoever, asking where that was. If he was joking, he’s a damn fine straight man.

Not to mention a virgin.

Speaking of Fast Food Religions…