Release date questions from a person that hasn't paid attention.

Alright, I’m horrible for staying on top of things in the gaming circles, of what games are coming out when and all that jazz. So, If someone would be so kind (yes, I know it is a strange concept at this message board, but I can hope) I’d like to be filled in on the current projected release dates for FF12 and Wild Arms Alter Code F or whatever it’s called. Also, just as a passing thought, anything on the Romancing Saga ps2 remake? If anybody can be kind enough to fill a poor lugia like myself in on the info, most appreciated.

I’m not sure, but I was thinking that FF12 will be next spring… maybe?
I’m curious (and a little lazy).

Well, I thought that either game was supposed to have already been out by now, but alas, there where probably delays and such. I really hope they aren’t too much longer, as I’m looking forward to both.

WA:ACF has been delayed many times over. The last date I saw was November 15th, but who knows. Not sure about the other ones.

Thankee Cid. And if what i read from the Saga communitee forum is correct, romancing Saga is already out or something. And since I live in a town where you can only get games from Wal-mart and competitor, I’m unlikely to find it on the shelves around here since they serve the popular games and not more obscure rpgs.

Romancing Saga for PS2 is out. Haven’t gotten it yet. Thinking about asking about it for my birthday.
FF12 is scheduled for March 16 in Japan, so figure maybe next fall it’ll be in English.
WA:ACF, I’m not sure. I probably should try to beat the original some day.

Alright. I just now noticed an update on RPGamer. The Wild Arms remake is now set for November 15, same day as DQ8.

Thankees. And DQ8? man, I’m out of the loop. And now I need to add another game to my “to buy” list.