Relatives suck.

I’m most likely moving to the United States sometime in 2006 or early 2007.

When my grandfather was alive, he gave the house I live in right now, to my mother since she got married and needed a place to stay. We’ve lived here for like 20 years now, happy and contempt.

Now that my grandfather passed away, my uncle (his son) has taken charge of bills and stuff. My grandfather agreed that bills would be paid by his family due to unheard of wealth. Now that he’s gone, my uncle wants us to pay extra on top of bills to stay. This totals to 6000$ a year.

Now, 125$ a week might not seem like a lot, but with other bills already being paid for, we just cannot supply it. Both parents work, and get paid a hefty sum.

My aunt runs some apartment chain in Niagara Falls (and Welland), and might be able to get us a good condo or apartment for cheap. So I’m most likely moving away from Toronto, all because of my shitheaded uncle. >: (

edit; which also means no internet access until we get settled in. :confused:

unlucky mate

Oh fudge. That sucks.

Bye. I hope you will live nearby.

In the way that YOU, Setz, are their relatives. Relatives suck, yes.

This is a <I>damn</I> shame.

In all seriousness though, at least you won’t be in Toronto anymore :smiley:

Of course, they’re relatives. Have fun moving.

My mortgage is more than 125$ a week and I pay it along with my bills (food, internet, electricity, transportation, expenses) with my scholarship (which is not a bazillion dollars). While this is all bizarre and assholish of your uncle to do, I’m confused as to how this small amount of money is causing this kind of problem.

Then why can’t they afford another $125 a week? It seems odd that they would choose instead to move out of the country (and I presume having to find new jobs, dunno how far Niagra Falls is from Toronto). It seems like alot of hassle for two people who get paid “a hefty sum.” I imagine if they truly wanted to stay there, they could find other ways to make ends meet, particularly through cutting back on expenses. There are plenty of ways to pay $125 more a month if one truly wants to make it happen.

Although… Maybe your eating habits are eating them out of house and home. Or maybe your mom needs the money you take from her purse. :open_mouth:

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about Setz’ bullimia.

I doubt that it’s going to make much of a difference. I wouldn’t exactly say going from a major city in Canada going to the United States would be culture shock. Of course, since you lived in Toronto, Niagra Falls will be quite different since it’s not nearly as urban. Good luck.

In my mind, if your grandfather grave your mother the house it stands to reason he’d let her keep it after he died. So, unless the property tax is astronomical 'cause the house is so big and the extra $125 is just enough to push your expenses over the edge, $125 a week doesn’t seem that much. That’s about as much rent goes for if you’re rooming in an apartment.

You’re sounding more and more kind and friendly.

Since my grandfather owned a business directly next to my house, the business would tend to our bills (not 100%, though), and it’d come out of my dad’s paycheck (he works there), but it would only be a slight decrease in salary. Now my uncle owns the business and refuses the company to help with bills and stuff, and my dad’s salary remains decreased. The house is pretty large (4 floors, basement included in that 4). We also recently purchased a new vehicle, so we’re still paying bills off of that.

My father works at the nextdoor business (it’s an auto repair shop if you’re curious), my mom owns a bakery some ways away, and my sister gets disability payment (recall I made a post about how hospitals fucked my sister over and she ended up with epilepsy and hydrocephaly), all of which helps with bills. I’m not 100% sure on the payroll of the three persons mentioned, but it’s more than average, I know that.

And for the record, that 125$ a week is like 6k$ a year, so it is a pretty large amount.

Its not a lot , no, esp not compared to how much moving and all the complications associated with that cost.

I don’t think a mechanic, a baker, and a girl collecting disability would amount to a “hefty sum” at all, especially not when the baker is apparently a small business owner.

Considering it’s over 2k$ a week. :confused:

I see. Well, I can understand your uncle’s point of view. He’s trying to save money at the business by cutting out personal expenses. That’s likely what your grandfather was charging part of your expenses to. So, your family’s pretty much paying the the full cost of the rent now.

However, my father’s reduced salary will not be increased.

It is strange that your dad’s salary remains decreased. If anything it should go back up now that the moeny’s going to employee expense.