Rejoice, for I live.

Hullo, everyone. I just wanted to stop by and assure everyone that I am still alive. Things are not faring that well, but I guess that they might be worse than they are. I am staying away from video games at the moment, because it seems to me that my interest in them is ebbing away and because I am applying myself to more serious tasks at hand. I am a little nervous at the moment, since I shall be sending out applications to graduate schools this month for admission next September; my first choice at the moment for study is the Centre for Mediaeval Studies at the University of Toronto. I have more than all of the requirements for the programmes into which I seek admission, although I still worry. Unfortunately, I am unemployed again, although I do not regret losing my last job teaching ESL; I disliked the school’s teaching module where I was teaching and I found that my teaching methods, howsoever I modified them, did not work well with the Japanese and Korean students. On a more positive note, I have finally taken up salsa dancing and I am (slowly) getting better at it; I am hoping that I shall be good enough to go to a salsa nightclub not too far into the future.

I hope that all is well with all you madcaps here. :victoly:

If anyone needs to reach me urgently for some reason, please email me.

Hooray, Perc is alive!

It’s good to see you around again Percy.

Is it bad that the first phrase the topic name brings to mind is “Beware, I live”?

Nice to hear how you’re, Percy. I hope all goes well for you. :cool:

Yes, I intended it. :mwahaha:

Percy :smiley:

Wow, and here I was just thinking about how things were going for you yesterday. Great to see you again perc, come by again whenever you have the chance :smiley:

Hope everything works out with graduate school, good luck! :smiley:

Good to hear from you. ^^ I hope things get better for you. bows respectfully PLease take it easy and take care. ^^

Perc! :smiley:

And you’d better give status updates regularly! :stuck_out_tongue:

Perc. I missed ya. And good luck with the salsa. I like it, too. Gotta learn more. You swing dance?

SPEAKING OF SEEING PEOPLE AROUND AGAIN, It’s nice of you to show your face, Kagon.

Ditto to that and hope the grad schooling works out alright.

Good to see ya around again, Percy. Not sure I should say “welcome back”, since that indicates that you’ll be stayign around for awhile. Since there’s no guarantee on that, I’ll jsut wish ya good luck on your dancing, and hope ya find a good job soon.

Hi there, never talked to you much but I know who you are.

It’s a great thing to see a friendly face again, Percival.
No emoticon could express my joy at hearing from you again.

Always nice to hear from you, man. Keep in touch.

Hey, welcome back. Glad to hear you’ve got your life all in order.

hey babe

What are you talking about? I see Kagon around like every day. You must be crazy.

Good to see you again, Perc. As for finding a job, well, I’m sure there’s need for a Medieval serf somewhere. >.>