reign the conqueror

anybody seen it? how many eps is and can i find it online cuz im in the mood to watch it cuz i saw a few eps a coupl mnths ago on AS

I thought it was horrible. The animation, the voices, the plot. Just yucky.

Oh, I remember that. I also recall that hardly anyone liked it because they didn’t like Peter Chung’s art style. And the man-thongs. rolls eyes

idk i found it while, try to tickle the gay side on all watchers, and a bad art style i like the theoies and plot.

I thought it was pretty stupid. I cant beleive i watched that whole thing

It took me a while to know what the heck you were talking about, you Americans dubbers and your silly name-changing habits. “Alexander” (That’s the real name) is the only Chung-brand Anime that I ever remotely liked.

I know it may look ridiculous, but and after seeing stuff like Phantom Two Thousand-Something and Aeon Flux, Alexander looked like a masterpiece. I don’t know how your voice actors were, but in the Argentinean dub (Yep, we dubbed it ourselves) they fit perfectly for the characters.

It’s not by far a favorite nor is something I would look forward to seeing, but I don’t go frantic looking for the remote in order to switch channels every time it comes up either.

And you have to admit, the ending wasn’t all that bad.

well see the main reason i wanna watch it is cuz i was watchin the history channel and the show is pretty much just a mimic of alexander the greats life with cooler killing and such but yeah so now im in the mood to just watch the series

Crino, PLEASE use some freaking punctuation, your typing hurts my eyes.

I personally don’t think it was too bad.

Well, I guess I would like to apologize for my lack of punctuation. However, I am the, self proclaimed, laziest person on the face of the Earth.

Do you know how much work it takes to type like this?

Yes, we all do it, all the time. And trust me, if you think your the laziest guy on earth your wrong. How do I know? You took the time and effort to discover and utilize this fine website.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch that one. I’m not a big fan of that style.

The style is ugly. Not a fan of men in thongs. But I am a fan of Alexander the Great and such mythological type things.

So am I, that’s exactly why I watched it.

And your posts look ten times smarter now.

Well whereas it takes about twice as much work it’s a habit i should get into anyways. With college coming up i gotta stop being lazy, hell i dont even hafta do homework right now cause my mother doesnt check any of it. But oh well, can’t find Reign anywhere anyways so I guess ill hafta hope AS plays it sometime

Thought either chun was gay, or he wanted chicks to watch it

I’m probably the only one who doesn’t mind his art style. It’s very distinct, and is realistic and abstract at the same time. But I guess people wanted to rave more about the thongs.

Well, if that was what he was aiming for, it certainly turned me off… I saw just a tiny bit a while ago, but it looked too sci-fi for me, considering the topic. I’ve learned a little more about Alexander the Great since then, so I might go back and give it another chance one of these days, but it really didn’t catch my interest.

Sorry I can’t help you find in Crino… I ‘watched’ it on a fansub VHS before it went commercial…

eh I’m not to worried about it. if I can find it by chance cool but otherwise oh well.

It was on Adult Swim a while ago perhaps earlier this year or was it sometime last year; when i watched maybe 5 episodes. I can’t remember the exact reason i stopped watching, maybe there didn’t seem to be too much going on and it seemed odd at times. I didn’t like the art style either, but i did give it a little bit of a watch.