Regarding yesterday

I’m sorry.

I’m looking back on the log, and frankly I was an utter moron. I haven’t got any excuses for what I did because there are none. I just went completely overboard and fucked up most of the respect people had for me. I’ve always been close to the line, but yesterday I completely crossed it.

I’m not asking to get my ban taken off or cut, because frankly I think I deserve the ban, I’m just asking for forgiveness and for people to not judge and hate me over this incident.

I sure don’t. The main reason i was given was because of something I made. Not said or did in the chat. But hey, its just a chat banning, things in the chat don’t matter in bannings.

Where is this log?

When you say yesterday, do you mean the day before today, and the day after the day before yesterday?

I thought so.

I wasn’t there to see anything, and quite frankly, if I was there I would probably be laughing. Even if it was directed at me. I have a tedency to do that: Nothing is more fun than people throwing pointless dirt and flames on you.

Apology accepted on my behalf, not that I know what you’re apologizing for.

I haven’t been in the chatroom in months, and I don’t respect <i>anyone</i> (with the possible exception of Macc) anyway, so I’ve got you coming AND going.

Well this is really only to the people in the chat. I’d rather not tell anyone that doesn’t know, what I did, since I’m a bit ashamed of it.

Then why’d you post it on the Main Forum?

Probably because it would never be read if he posted it on the Chat Forum

<img src=“”> It was a mistake Urk. We shouldn’t have gone through with it afterall. Alcohol, neh? Now let us never speak of it again.

I forgive you and I still like you, regardless of what you think of me. X2K told me that you dislike me now.

Originally posted by Sir Percival
X2K told me that you dislike me now.

And if he is intelligent, he will take X’s opinions about other peoples’ opinions with a grain of salt.

Yeah, I don’t mind you Perc. X is just a bit too over-protective of me.