Regarding four yesterdays ago

That night F-ing ROCKED!

How can I upload the log? That night was hillareous!

Ok here’s what happened:

My brother goes to this message board, and they started this thread on making yourself look like a ninja by putting a shirt over your face.

My brother took a shirt ninja picture, then posted it on that message board.

Then I was all “Hey bro, put some tin foil around your head, that would be awsome!” we didn’t have any tin foil, so we used Saran Wrap.

He took a pic of that, and uploaded it.

I wrapped a garbage bag around my head, he took a pic.

I uploaded the pic to THIS message board.

I linked the thread of my pic in the message board.

Re-deck, a guy that somtimes joins the chat, look at my pic, then linked everyone to the pic of my brother.

That all happened within 15 minutes of the pic being taken.

It’s a small internet…

anyway, my bro and his girfriend joined that chat, and the whole night was just freakin hillareous.

That’s awesome in the most awesome way.

I know, man.

It was nuts, I need to post the log somwhere.

Hah. That reminds me of my friends Whitey and Ozzy playing Nightfire with me once.

We had a cpu as our team mate and it was the Ninja. Well, Ninja’s ass was ALWAYS getting shot at, or if we fired a rocket, he’d step in it’s path, or if we were ambushing someone he’d be the first we’d see = we shoot, etc. and we’d always say “Ninjjaaaaaaaa!!!” like from an episode of Leave it to Beaver or something. We also thought he looked like the Puty men from the Power Rangers, know what I’m talking about?

Well, we were playing caputre the flag one time, and Whitey walked in, and didn’t see the enemy flag. Then we saw this blue flash on his screen, we turned, and it was NINJA!

Whitey: “omg, ninja’s got the flag! GO NINJA!!! WOOOOOO”

We were his “guard” the whole way back. Ozzy took a bullet for him, I threw myself at a missle, and Whitey got sniped down, but Ninja kept going, hauling ass across the snow like a marshmellow craved lion was after his gonads or something. Then as he was entering our building, Bond, Dominique, and someone else was right on them, and Ozzy respawend right on the roof, so he took out his automatic (forgot which) and jumped from the Roof and held them off, where he died, but Ninja got to the base! 2 teh base! All your Base! omgomgomgomg wwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee1!!!

Then he died.

Afterwards, “Ninjaaaaaaaa!!” and “GO NINJA!” were our catch phrases, especially “DAMNIT, Ninja!” You’d just have to be there.

But besides taht, Charle, can I call you Ninja from now on?

I always imagined that you would be the Bed Sheets Ninja. And quite frankly, I’m dissapointed that you aren’t.

Hah! They’ll fall before us Teenage Maverick Ninja Reploids!

That has got to be one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Hey, I came up with it almost a year ago!

I haven’t heard anything dumber since then.

Nya~! I liked it! =^.^=

ARGH! If you’re going to stick around, at least wear something different from my normal outfit!

Sweet. I wondered where that av had come from.:hahaha;

Also, why do there appear to be two Mayls? 0_o

My catgirl form got separated or got her own body or something.

Nee~! I gotta new outfit! =^.^=

… Ah, a palette swap. Yar, couldn’t you think of anything better??

Well, I was gonna give her sprite a collar with a little jingle bell …

It’s just as well that you didn’t.

Eh, go with what works, I guess …

How can you do that? Do you just tie a shirt around your head not covering the eyes?

You could form a secret society of t-shirt ninjas, righting wrongs and doing other stuff like that. Or you could not. Whichever you prefer.