Reformating a HD

Ok, so I got a virus on my computer. It f****d some things up. So im going to reformat to get everything back to normal. I can and am backing my stuff up. Note, I have not done this before. This is a Win XP system. Any thing I should do/backup that I wouldnt think of being your average computer user? Thanks.

Also, about how long will it take?

Email, bookmarks, schoolwork, workwork, all your warez, savegames.

Formatting and reinstalling only takes about an hour, two at the worst if your computer is slow as shit. Reconfiguring all your settings and reinstalling your shit takes longer, reserve a day for it.

It is going to take your hard-disc to bare metal. Nothing will be saved. Its literally going to magnetize all data off of the surface of the disc, so backup EVERYTHING you think you need.

A good practice is to defrag before you format, just to make the process easier/cleaner, but thats optional (as it also tends to lengthen the process).

Copy Most of your HD to CDs or other HDD’s.

I’ve just swiped My HD to install XP from ME. I had used a “Donor” PC with Just OS then Copyed the reliveant data, Since the ME on my HD was just a Stop gap until I had cash to buy XP. It contains quite few of the last 3 Swipes. There’s even this Forum Registaion Email. I keep safe some where.